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May 04 2006

TV Best Bets - James Marsters on Smallville. He returns to Smallville tonight for the final two episodes. There's also a trailer up at The WB site that features him.

I've found the relevant link to the trailer and added it to your subject line.
Thank you Simon. (huggies)

Another little tidbit that is really cute. ALL MY CHILDREN's Kendall (originally played by Sarah Michelle Gellar) has named her unborn baby....."Spike"..
Thanks Spikey & Simon for the links. It seems like we've been waiting forever for this!

But who is that in the cocoon?
I wondered that looks like Lex...I wonder if the serum Brainiac injects him with will make Lex a surrogate body for ZOD. But would ZOD need that...I thought he was already in 'human' form....

Oh well...who cares...just to see James again for a few episodes is great. The episodes he is in really are exciting, and you never know what Brainiac is going to do next.
I just realized while reading this thread that I had a dream last night in which I was watching TV and JM was on in something. It ended and I had this feeling like you get after an adreniline rush and thought, "That was great. It was as good as Spike." Then, still in the dream, I realized that WAS Spike and thought "No wonder." and felt a big let down.

Now I do not usually remember my dreams, but I certainly hope I do not spend much of my dream time watching TV. ;-) In any case yesterday was a really tough, exhausting day and I guess it brought out my desire to see JM in something really kick-ass. Brainiac is alright, but he has not had that much to do. It would be nice to be totally blown away tonight. I just really do not expect that to happen.
I agree, newcj. I think the finale will definitely be kickass (Spoilers sounds pretty good) but I am really wanting to see him in something as awesome as Spike. Of course, Spike was my favorite character ever, so I doubt anything is going to live up to that standard.

A girl can hope, though.
The guy can do anything. What was it Joss said, you can throw anything at him and he'll come up trumps and can turn on a dime from comedy to drama. And people raise their game when in a scene with him. The question is how blind are casting directors that they don't snap him up.

Can't wait to see him on telly again.
Another interesting tidbit is that every episode James has appeared in on Smallville seem to be the highest rated ones of the season. Go figure...
OT comment to newjc (and everybody else) So many of my dreams have me going into and out of movies and television, and include fictious personages, I have to wonder what people dreamed about before movies and television were invented.
Cave paintings ? ;)
*Snort.* LMAO, Saje!

And I second all the Spikey love here. JM can do anything. Anything. So why are those casting directors so bloody blind??? I want him back in my living room on a weekly basis--preferably in something Whedony, though I'll take whatever I can get. When is this going to happen??

Okay. I've vented enough. Thanks for the links Spikeylover and Simon!
This is the ONLY instance that forces me to rethink my refusal to watch anything from the WB ever again. Good for James and in agreement about his talent.
My WB station came in like crap, but from what I could manage to see, that was FINE. I loved the scene with Lex/Brainy..
I wish Smallville would pay their electric bill so that they could turn on some lights. I could barely see anything.
Mine came in just Fine.

JM was superb as evil incarnate. I just wish the quantity of JM's performances was more equal to their quality.
When , I totally thought . Oh well.
I missed it. Blast! Blast! Blast!
James was awesome last night...but then thats a no brainer....right?
Just wish there was more than 5 minutes of him though. Every scene he's in is so much more intense, and every character in the scene with him just comes off stronger with his lead.
Damn...this guy is GOOD. But then I think we already knew that. He sooooo needs his own show!!!!!
I enjoyed this episode of Smallville...and I generally don't enjoy this show but it was a good episode, mainly because of James but Luthers were great too.

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