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May 04 2006

Sarah sings again. This time she is singing a song for the movie Southland Tales. She just laid down the voice track for the song "Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime".

Wow. That title sounds like it came off of one of Britney's earlier albums.
Actually, they could have used that song in season six.
And Britney was going to be in season five. Everything leads back to Buffé!
Off topic, but isn't that a one of the many 'Buffy' myths - something to do with the weird Internet rumour that Spears and Gellar are close friends (something Gellar has said is not true simply because she barely knows Spears, having done no more than meet her fleeting at a couple of public events they both happened to be attending).
I don't think the Spears in Buffy story was ever anything more than a lie.

Sounds like the sort of thing the Sun would print.

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"Lie" might be a little harsh - and Britney's planned appearance in I Was Made To Love You was reported with a straight face in various places, Keith Topping's Slayer to name but one (huh Keith, huh?). Though I think the part about BS and SMG being best mates was played up a bit.

But, back on topic, I am very happy with the ST song news. Color me one who really liked Sarah's performances on OMWF, as well as her Movies Kick Ass MTV number with Jack Black.
Wow, that soundtrack looks impressive. Definitely ramps up my interest in this project.
Regarding Britney on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she was planned to be factored in. From TV Guide:


"It's not happening," co-executive producer Marti Noxon tells TV Guide Online. "It's off the plate completely." However, the character Spears would have played will live on, Noxon adds. "We're still going to do the episode, we're just going to do it with someone else," she says, declining to reveal the specifics. "The [story] idea is still valid, and we're going to go ahead and run with it. But now that [Britney's] not available, we're going to push that episode to a little bit later."

The pop princess — who is friends with Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar — isn't ruling out the possibility of a future appearance. "Britney loves the show and she'll probably do it one day," says her rep, "but right now, they just can't schedule anything."
Yippee! I'm so glad SMG sings. I'd read the rumors that she was NOT going to sing, and it made me a little sad; she did fantastic on the Buffy musical, especially for being a non-professional singer. I end up putting Buffy songs all over my mixed CDs.
The Pixies - "Wave Of Mutilation" ?

Huh. Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) was better *die hard Pixies fan*.
- SMG's performance in OMWF might actually be my favorite. Sure, Amber and Tony have the best voices, but considering Sarah actually didn't want to sing originally, she really was great, sang with a lot of heart (or lack of heart, when appropriate).

- At the risk of having objects hurled at me, it might have been interesting to have Spears play the lovebot (that was the part she was considered for, right?). I guess my main problem would have been that being the episode before 'The Body' and it would have been a weird juxtaposition that could take you out of the Buffyverse.

- Pixies rock! UK Surf version of WoM is really great, but the original is great too. I love they that played both the last couple of times I saw them.
Not that this really matters, but the problem with the TV Guide Online article, irrespective of the the quotes it attributes to Marti Noxon, is that it describes Spears and Gellar as friends, whereas Gellar has made it quite clear that she is not a friend of Britney Spears and barely even knows her. Immediately, the article carries an inaccuracy, so why should we assume the rest of it is any more reliable? Unless, of course, Gellar's claim not to be a friend of Spears is the fabrication, such is the strange world of celebrity gossip these days.

Of course, a couple of years back a British tabloid clamed that Gellar was giving up acting to release an album of her own songs and would be setting out on a world tour with Britney Spears. She was even "quoted" as saying, "I'm unleashing my album at Christmas so look out for me!" This whole thing was, of course, a complete fabrication by the newspaper. In fact, it's probably possible to write a book about all the nonsenese claims made regarding Gellar, who isn't even that famous really - which is why I rarely believe anything written in gossip columns about anyone else (be it as Lindsey Lohan or Mariah Carey or whoever...)

To try to bring this message back on topic, I do believe that Gellar's character in 'Southland Tales' taps into this very issue of the nature of celebrity.
"The pop princess — who is friends with Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar — isn't ruling out the possibility of a future appearance. "Britney loves the show and she'll probably do it one day," says her rep, "but right now, they just can't schedule anything."

Sounds like a PR rep spinning up a friendship. Kind of a way of politely turning down a role; but, still making Britney look good. Both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Britney Spears were handled by the same PR firm. They even shared the same public relations person, Nicole King for many years.


I look forward to hearing Sarah sing in "Southland Tales". According to Film Comment magazine a video for the song has already been filmed. I wonder if the video will be part of the Krysta-Now website.
Not wanting to go too on topic, but the Spears thing is actually true. Also, I wouldn't in my wildest dreams put The Sun anywhere near TV Guide. For a start, at the time one of the TV Guide writers was part of the Buffy online fandom message boards. The Sun is a joke of a newspaper.
I thought SMG was excellent in OMWF. I'm sure she'll do great in ST. Can't wait. My first prequel has been ordered already.
The Sun might be a joke but sadly it is also Britain's top-selling newspaper. It claims to reach 10 million people daily, which is about a sixth of the total population! In the case of the particular fabricated story mentioned, it wasn't actually the creation of The Sun but one of the many other tabloid newspapers that Britain can be so proud of.

Sorry to keep going off topic (I've got a bit of an obsession with tabloid journalism and the Internet gossip mill)... I promise to make this my last comment on the subject.

Regarding a TV Guide journalist being a member of the 'Buffy' fandom, while I am not claiming that the story about Spears being offered a guest role in the show is not true (if you say it is, gossi, then I accept that and don't doubt its validity), this in itself is not really proof per se. Plenty of 'Buffy' fans have all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas and theories and opinions about the show and the people who made it, not all of which are necessarily "true"!

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Simon and jam2, I read at the forum at that Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf) will be the version on the soundtrack. I think it was a reliable source but I haven't been able to check or link because they're having their trademark database problems today.
Some day, some awesome person is going to use the Pixies song Vamos in a movie that kicks all sort of assery, and I will cry with hapiness......... In heaven.....
Ooh, thanks for the info, dreamlogic. It did occur to me that they might not have fully labeled the version of the song.
Hooray! Thanks for that dreamlogic. I'm going to buy this album. Moby is ace, Sarah's voice is lovely and I adore soundtracks full stop. The Britney Spears thing was made up by the Daily Star from what I can remember. So it was about as credible as that other rumour that Luke Perry was going to play Pike in season 7.
Oh, dsp, I have no insider info on that one, I just know that Marti was actually interviewed and it came up and blah blah. I *think* Joss commented on it at one point, too. As far as I'm aware, although the Daily Star reported on it, I don't think they originated the story. SNT is correct up thread when he mentions the episode in question.

Nobody buys The Sun in Liverpool. They don't tend to actually sell it here. It's a story which involves blood. Classy paper.
Yeah, along with "Gotcha" that has to be one of their lowest ever moments gossi. And stil the rag sells by the bucketload. Short memories most folk.

I thought SMG did a pretty good job in OMWF so i've no worries about this (maybe not a great voice but perfectly serviceable and she brought a lot of heart and character to her bits - her 'Hey, i've died twice' in 'I've got a theory' always makes me smile). Should be good.
On "The Air I Breathe" website the producer implies she sings in that film (she's playing a pop star), and states clearly that her dancing "rocks". Can a remake of "South Pacific" be far behind?
"Can a remake of "South Pacific" be far behind?"

Lets seriously hope so. LOL.

No, I just chimed in to say that while she wasnt the best on OMWF, she was certainly good. She brought some real skills to the role, and if its possible to scream while your singing, she manages to pull it off when she asks for something to sing about.
I loved SMG in OMWF, her parts were my favorite. This movie looks like it's shaping up to be grand in about everyway. The images released of Sarah from the movie are sexy as hell. She's looking good. I just love this girl.
I also loved SMG in OMWF so I'm thrilled to hear that she'll be singing again!! Can't wait for this movie!!
The lyrics to the song can be found on
Man, I'm so excited about this movie of Sarah's. The girl is on fire - I can't wait. And I also really enjoyed her singing in OMWF.
Way OT:

Gossi and DBP:

There were two separate attempts to get Britney Spears on Buffy. Joss and company seriously tried to get Britney for S5 in "I Was Made to Love You".

A second story idea was pitched by Jane Espenson in the hiatus between S6 and S7, she mentioned it as a possiblity to the Succubus Club at interviews that occurred at the conclusion of S6. I don't think things went past the idea stage, either that or Britney was replaced by Ashanti. At any rate, Britney was never officially contacted by Mutant Enemy. During interviews for Scooby Doo 1 (hiatus between S6-S7), Sarah was asked about a possible return invitation to Britney Spears. Sarah made a comment along the lines of "I don't think so". The Sun and other tabloids spun it up to be some kind of catty put-down on Sarah's part.

I never felt that the comment by Sarah's would have been anything other than an innocent denial of knowledge. At the time that the interview occurred, casting and negotiations for a mid-S7 episode would not have begun. Nicole King was also functioning as both Britney and Sarah's PR rep. King or another member of the PR firm she works for, would be responsible for making an official announcement of any Britney Spears' appearance on BtVS.

I always felt that this whole situation was due much more to inaccurate tabloid reporting. Over the years, I have definitely developed a serious mistrust of The Sun, Contact Music, and WENN as sources and depending on the columnist, TV Guide.


I look forward to hearing Sarah sing. I enjoyed her performance in OMWF. It was heartfelt and in character.

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