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May 04 2006

J August's conviction is driven to succeed. He talks about his new show and being an actor, "I may have thought I got into this business to be famous but that changed quite quickly and I realized I love what I do as an actor."

Nice interview.
I love Conviction. The regular Law & Order series are so-so; I love the drama aspect but the characters are so interchangeable (with the exception of Stabler on SVU). On Conviction, the cases aren't the crux of the episode, but what is happening to the ADA's running the cases. Their drama drives the cases and the show.

And of course, JAR's character is my favorite. I hope it gets renewed.
I've never watched "Conviction," but I always thought that JAR was much more convincing as an attorney in in AtS's 5th season than he was as a street fighter. He seemed completely natural in that world, whereas he seemed a little forced in his earlier incarnation. Glad he's doing well.
A "recurring" role on "Angel"? Doesn't appearing in every episode for four seasons with your name in the title credits make you a regular?
A "recurring" role on "Angel"? Doesn't appearing in every episode for four seasons with your name in the title credits make you a regular?

Not if you are his sister. Clearly this is his first real show as far as she is concerned.
It's a shame that a creative gem of a show like "Angel", airing on a struggling network and thus limiting it's exposure, was prevented from reaching it's greatest potential. While a series like "Conviction", which is an okay show, but nothing close to the calibre of "Angel" or "Buffy", has a much broader public exposure, thus giving it a much higher profile to most people.

But I'm glad JAR is able to increase his exposure with this new show. He was so good in "Angel", especially in season 5.
His sister's not the one who referred to it as a "recurring" role. I agree - he was (barely) recurring in season 1, but he was a regular from season 2 on.

This was a great interview. It could be that he is just very well-trained in how to massage an interviewer by saying all the right things, but I suspect not; it seems like he's in a really sweet spot of having had to work pretty hard to get where he is, without ever having had the "run-away success" that might have killed his sense of perspective. It's really nice to see a guy in his position express interest in / dedication to his craft. I think sometimes people forget that TV, for all its crass pop-cultureness, is still a really dynamic art form. It's supremely commercial at the level of the network executive examining a season, but at the level of an actor trying to pull something off, it can/should still be a really artistic, personal endeavor.
Scotto, I think you're right about him being genuine in the interview. Had he been prepped by a PR person they probably would have told him to stay a mile away from what it means to be the only person of color in the room or in a professional environment - which as a person of color I'm thrilled that he mentioned because you start to wonder if you'r crazy but that's beside the point - I think he was genuine. And I thought referencing "over-expressing himself" maybe is why we found him so much more compelling and natural by season 5 than we did in his early days on Angel. This interview made me very excited to see where he goes as an actor, he certainly is talented.

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