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May 05 2006

"And I dressed up as Joss Whedon". Is this the funniest thing you'll see today? Very likely.

And here's the YouTube link if you don't have Quicktime.

Sweet! That guy looked much thinner than Joss though. The Hollywood-paunch wasn't terribly evident, so he *couldn't* have been Joss.
That has "teehee" written all over it.
That was great!

Did I invent that or did he refer to Sailor Moon??
I enjoyed that.

I heard Joss lost some weight though, so I think this guy's costume may have been closer than he realized. Good job to everybody involved. (I have to go to sleep now. I wonder if I will still be smiling when I wake up 3 1/2 hours from now.)
I bet the real Joss actually can translate Etruscan. After all, "he's much smarter than any living human being".
That was awesome! Hi-larious.

Le Comité: He did say Sailor Moon...

I wonder what Joss thinks about this?
I love it, that was great! I'd kill to see him as Sailor Moon.
Argh, I hurt from laughing. I had to watch it twice. That made my day. Rather, uh, night? ...Morning? I need to straighten my schedule...
Did anybody else have trouble playing this? It gets about 10 seconds into the piece and freezes for me. (I have the latest version of Quicktime installed, and it freezes in the same place whether I'm in Firefox or IE.)
palehorse try the YouTube link if you're having difficulties.

And in case anyone is wondering, this was filmed at Wizard World LA in March.
Especially loved the "itruskan" bit... "You are a huge nerd!" Funniii... That's the kind of question I'd like to ask Joss. I still have one in store that I some day like to ask him about, although not that in depth. It's even possible that he even has an answer for it.
But seriously, everything that was the funniest thing I've seen in atleast a month.
"John Whedon"! Bwahahahaaa!
I needed that. Laughing out loud, annoying my work neighbours - if any of them were here at this hour.
I actually saw a Google advert here the other day for "Joss Wheldon". I've seen "Josh Wheldon", too.
Clever! Clever! See... nerds are funny! Sailor moon.. pasty.. John Whedon!

I'm more than a little in love with this guy!
OMG, that's awesome. Just too funny.
Thank you so much for that link, Simon. It worked perfectly. What a hysterical piece!
The bit that keeps making me chuckle even though I last saw it around 7 hours ago now, is the muttered question to the interviewer, "...With an 'h'?" as he signs that autograph. Such a nice touch.

Thank you thank you. This is the funniest thing I'll see this month, I expect. The two worked so well together.
And Joss! Way to go with the weight loss! Good job!
Thanks for the link, Simon. What a great way to start my morning when I'm so tired. I think I'll be chuckling all day over that one, too, newcj.
Does anyone else think that is where the whole Sailor Moon rumor started? :)

Leave it to John to start a rumor about Joss. The dude was so good he even fooled former cast members of Angel.
Haha, this is so cute.

And strangely enough, reminds me of when I attended Celebration II, and there was actually a FAN pretending to be George Lucas, and signing autographs.
Personally I think the costume did need more work: classical Joss would have an open cotton shirt over the t-shirt (more like the interviewer than the Joss impersonator's outfit), also Joss has traditionally carried a clear plastic backpack to conventions (the very one he had Dawn carry in 'Once More With Feeling') instead of an over-the-shoulder bag like this fake JW was carrying....(do you think I'M a hopeless geek?). I really wish I could have gotten John Wedon's autograph!
(do you think I'M a hopeless geek?)

Yes, yes I do, and you're in good company.
I love a person who so willing to send himself up. It's very funny material. He really should get his own sitcom.
That made my day. Great link Simon, completely awesome.
Simon, I totally agree. This guy should be in television!
That is utterly adorable. And the interviewer was clearly also being John Sweden...
I love that man! He is just too cute for words.
Someone pitch that to the networks. "The John Swedon Improv Show"
It will be a hit, I just know it.
Or, how about "American Joss?" Where contestants imitate Joss and the winner at the end of the season gets a development deal with ABC. The loser gets one with Fox...
Heh. I didn't have a costume for a sci-fi con costume ball, and it briefly occurred to me that with my webcomic t-shirt, a name tag I could write "Joss Whedon" on, and a willingness to roleplay a complete disregard for character life, I could totally go as Joss. That was too ambitious though, so I just wore a random silly hat instead. Just as well, my wit isn't nearly good enough to pull it off. :)
Just when you think its going to be another boring day! Although I did meet a fellow Mr. Whedon fan in a coffeeshop today thanks to my "Joss Whedon is my master now" t-shirt. Coincidence???...I think not.
Oops, laughing, waking people up. Heh, "Figurehead." I loved it.
I was expecting that to be stupid but it was hillarious.
He sure has lost alot of weight. And finally right from his mouth,
so the wonder woman casting nonsense should stop (sure, right).
I knew he created everything! And now I have proof.
Saw this this morning from someones Myspace, and laughed so hard :D
Joss is so sweet. I just love listening to him talk.
Met him a few years ago and he didn't need to lose weight. The camera adds pounds, he isn't even remotely over weight.
This was cool.
So I'm getting confused, was that really Joss or was it a fake Joss? If it's a fake Joss he did a damn fine job.
I think it was really Glory. Or was it Ben? Wait, Joss is Glory?
So I'm getting confused, was that really Joss or was it a fake Joss?

It's Joss.
That was really funny.

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