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May 05 2006

Happy birthday Vincent Kartheiser. The actor who played Angel's son Connor on AtS turns 27 today.

Happy Birthday Vincent!
Happy Birthday Vincent and many more :)
Happy Birthday Vincent.
I hope you had a lovely birthday Vincent!!
A great birthday to you, Vincent.

For the record, I thought you were splendid as Connor. I never understand some of the "I hate Connor" stuff. The character was, without doubt, saddled with the most dysfunctional situation imaginable...for starters, he shouldn't exist...the spawn of two vampires...then he gets taken to a foul hell dimension and is indoctrinated to hate and kill his natural (well, kind of natural!) father by a vengeful (with cause, mind) utter madman.

And the Cordy stuff, oh, dear...somebody should write a play...but please don't!

Happy Birthday--you were great as Connor!
Agreed, Chris, I thought Vincent did a great job in a particular Whedonverse scenario that doesn't get as much discussion as it should--Father/Son relationships (or Father/Child relationships in general). Much like the romances, they rarely run smoothly, do they? I've often wondered how much of Joss' experiences we can read into such things...almost every article/interview mentions his father being a television writer, but those same articles and interviews never involve any further discussion of Whedon the Elder. The fact that we see Buffy's father a grand total of, what, 3 times throughout the whole series...? That kind of character silence speaks volumes. Anyway, /threadjack. HBD Vincent.
Introducing younger characters into established shows is a tricky thing to achieve for both actors and writers. Vincent (and Michelle Trachtenberg) have done some excellent work with some of the hardest material in AtS and BtVS (you can't be good, you can't be evil, you're there to reveal flaws and failings in the main character). Finding the tone and their own character must have been hard enough without all the "I hate Conner", "Kill Dawn" stuff flying about.

But yeah, the Cordy stuff was too close to Greek Tragedy :)
I think Vincent did as good a job with Connor as Wil Wheaton did with Wesley Crusher. The acting was what was required for the part. Connor/Cordy really threw me off of AtS 4, but when you get Vincent back playing Connor for the couple of S5 episodes he appeared in, he demonstrated a reasonable range, and a characterization that was moderated by his extra memories.

In other words, Connor was icky, Vincent played him well that way.
Happy Birthday Vincent! Hope you have a great day! :D

I've been rewatching Angel Season 4 and in my opinion, Vincent did an AMAZING job. He was perfect for the role of Connor, and I never really got the Connor hate either. I always felt really sorry for him.
Happy Birthday Vincent :)
Happy Birthday Vincent.

I thought he was great as Connor. He was also pretty good in that movie he did with James Woods as well.

Am I the only one who didn't have an objectionable reaction to Connor/Cordy?
I always thought the young adult Connor was a great character, and was knocked out by Mr Kartheiser's extraordinary perfomance. What about that three-minute monologue over a comatose Cordy's body in the church in Season Four? That and plenty of other examples were clearly tailored to his ability. Another favourite is the scene where Connor admits he could always see Jasmine's true face... not only these but also the way Vincent played off the other actors- I could go on but shall refrain.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, by the way.

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