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May 06 2006

'Circle of Friends' with Julie Benz. The production wraps up filming on May 10th in Montreal. It's a movie of the week thiller starring Julie. Look for it to air this fall on Lifetime Network in the US.

Go, Julie! I do wish they had chosen a different title, as Minnie Driver did this one a few years back.
Yes, cronopio! I saw the title and all I could think of was: "I look like the prow of a ship!"

Gotta love Benny Hogan.

And bloody Sean Walsh!

And "Alright... but I'll not jiggle it about!"

Oh, stop me now. Gaia help me, I love that movie.
Oh my heart be still, Julie is in Montreal!!
WHERE? .....Calm down, take deep breaths.

umm.... if it's for USA television they film in Old Montreal (it looks like Europe to Americans).
Have to run bye.....

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