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May 05 2006

More Fun Than Shingles. One year ago, um, yesterday by this site's clock, Browncoats in 10 cities in the United States saw the first of what turned out to be three advance screenings of the still-unfinished Serenity, complete with special introduction from Joss. (Link goes to an archive of Joss' posts to the Universal boards. His announcement is the second post down.)

In the ensuing weeks, Browncoats in 20 cities, and then in 35, would get the same chance -- and many would pull the hat trick and see all three.

Honestly, I'm unsure if this will pass mod muster, since it's not technically news. But I thought I'd take the chance that "history" might count, all things considered. Should this post survive, add your stories here about your experiences at that first advance screening!

I was in the Australian preview screening in early August, and then the screening in early September followed by Joss Q+A and signage. Best night ever.
There's an archive of the first reactions to the screenings - click here. Just change the page number on the top right to skip to lower page numbers to get topics with later reply dates.
Mr.Argh and I were home crying as we weren't quite able to procure tickets for *this* showing. We did, however, see prescreenings 2 & 3 (with Jewel), so I can't whine too much. . .
I saw it a year ago Feb 8th. Do I win a prize? *cough* ;)
I think people who saw it on Decemeber 15th 2004 might win the prize.

Relevant thread one.

Relevant thread two.

It was good fun posting and reading the threads for the various screenings. I love doing live (ish) coverage.

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