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May 05 2006

(SPOILER) Production Notes For Southland Tales. Full details on SMG's new movie Southland Tales, complete with quotes from everyone involved with filming. Other than watching the film, this is as much information as you can get...

A few quotes from SMG:
Richards a free-thinker who thinks outside the box, continues Gellar. And I think, unfortunately now, Hollywood and movie-making has become incredibly formulaic. Richard does the exact opposite. Whether its casting or story ideas or camera shots, its about doing something thats different. And I think, as an actor, whats enticing and why he can always get such amazing casts of people is because of the excitement of the unknown, of doing something that hasnt been done.

I think if Richard told me that his next project was going to be a rendition of the Yellow Pages, I probably would be the first one signed on for N through T, adds Gellar. I think that hes so open and he has so many great ideas and hes willing to try anything. And if it doesnt work, he moves on. Hes not married to anything. It was a lot of improv. On the day [of shooting], hes constantly coming up with not just new lines, but incredibly huge, new scenes.

And one from Richard about SMG:
Ive always been a fan of hers, admits Kelly. And shes one of the smartest girls Ive ever met. Shes taken a lot of risks to do this, to play a porn star and, you know, to do something thats provocative is pretty ballsy of her.

This movie sounds very political, and in that sense, I think it has a shot at Cannes. The film festival itself is notorious/famous for picking movies that are political in nature (Farenheight 9/11). It also could be and does sound good, but we will see.

And dangit, I forgot to credit Gunji over at and MLKJ13 on the smgfan board. I certainly didnt find this on my own, so credit is due.

I just know SMG is going to do a brilliant job, and I'm sure the movie is going to be amazing too.
I can't wait to see our girl in this movie. Ever notice how everyone has only nice things to say about Sarah. She's a real class act. I'd still prefer a "Buffy" movie but hey, with Sarah, I'll take anything she's offering.
The more I read about this film, the more I shrug my shoulders. I know this is just press-kit stuff, but that introductory page is badly written. Also, invoking TS Elliot's "The Hollow Men" in a story about the end of the world makes my skin crawl... when the book and film "On the Beach" (another end of the world story) used it so very effectively.
I guess she really is playing a porn star. The end credits say the props were provided by Wicked Pictures. Hope they weren't used props.
They don't have a trailer for this film do they... only that really weird website.
The wikipedia entry does really help though...
I can't wait to see a trailer for this. This film is going to be such wonderful contradiction, an comedy about the end of the world, with a soundtrack by Moby and staring The Rock, SMG and Sean William Scott. I'm going to love it.
Actually the movie seems interesting and the cast and soundtrack sound great. The only thing I find a little, I don't know, perplexing is all the talk about Sara "playing against type" as though this is so different for her.

Its a comedy about the apocolypse! Been there, done that on a pretty much yearly basis! Not exactly outside the box for her.
And her role in Harvard Man was pretty porny.

But who knew Bai Ling had so much acting experience? All I know her from is that Angel episode and her extremely humiliating performances on some singing reality show. They used to show her caterwauling and writhing on a regular basis on E's The Soup as the worst moments on TV for that week. And they really really were!
Bai Ling was also in "Red Corner" with Richard Gere, if anyone remembers watching it. It was about an American finding himself in a murder investigation, and he is charged for the murder. It shows the not so lovely judicial process of prosecution in China(or persecution).

One example of that process is that the family of the executed man is charged the cost of the bullet. I really loved that movie, and Bai Ling was incredible in that movie, at least I thought so.

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I find myself more and more excited about this film as time goes on. I actually just finished listening to the commentary track (with creator Richard Kelly and, for some unknown reason, Kevin Smith) on the director's cut of "Donnie Darko". Kelly had a surprising amount to say about "Southland Tales". He seemed really excited and incredibly committed to the project. I'm looking forward to it.

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