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May 06 2006

Top 25 TV Shows-to-Movies. As the title says, these are the top 25 tv shows that became movies. Serenity comes in at #20.

Good to see that Serenity made the list but COME ON, it should have been in the top ten. Some of those were just ridiculous.
Yeah, I agree with cheryl. It should have been in the top ten, but anyway, it's good to see that Serenity made the list.
"Serenity" is underrated (and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" scored higher? Seriously, compare the levels of fun in the 80's cartoon series and the movie), but we all kinda expected that. I liked their write-up and the fact that it made a showing at all.

Their top five were also pretty good--"The Naked Gun" and "South Park: BLU" are both a little hit-or-miss, but more of the former than the latter. "The Fugitive" is a great thriller, I haven't seen "The Untouchables" (somewhat embarrassingly), and "The Wrath of Khan" is one of the absolute peaks of the 30 year Star Trek saga. (The fact that they included two "Brady Bunch" movies made me wonder: no "First Contact" or "The Voyage Home" love?)

All that said, I'd probably still put "Serenity" over all of those. But then, I'm also a total Joss fanboy sometimes--so, bias may be a factor.
While I do believe it should have been higher, the only two that I am truly flabergasted about, which are higher than Serenity, are the Brady Bunch the Movie and Charlie's Angels.
Great top five, those are amazing movies. I could watch The Fugitive over and over again till the cows come home. Some of the other choices were less than inspired.

Though I thought the Brady Bunch movie was really good.
Okay--SpongeBob scored higher than Serenity, so there's no way I'm taking this list seriously... but on the other hand, TransFormers is in the top 10...

And, man, there's a lot of TV adaptations out there.
Mission Impossible? Really? I'm not even entirely convinced the filmmakers ever even watched either of the TV series. While the movies are okay action movies, it's really hard to see that they inherited anything from the TV versions except the theme song, masks, and the taped messages.

I'm sorta swimming in a see of confusion about this list, but, any mention of Serenity, well, makes me feel better, so, I'll just be grateful for that.
Some unexpected choices there. I basically agree that their top 5 are great films but I always have real trouble ranking things like this anyway.

Mission Impossible was a very pleasant surprise to me for example so I might put it higher (trailer said mindless action fest but, IMO, it was actually a pretty good espionage thriller with some stand-out action set-pieces though of the second one, we shall never speak). It's not 'convoluted', BTW, it's just a spy film ;).

Describing 'Charlie's Angels' as 'feminine empowerment' seems a bit of a stretch though (seems to have made the old 'kicking ass = empowerment' error, IMO). Would Buffy be seen as a feminist icon if she'd regularly shaken her booty into the camera for 30 seconds at a time ? I'm thinking not.

Any 'Office Space' shout out is a good one though (but Serenity should be so much higher - it's way better than anything between it and the 10 spot).

(and if you want to achieve an altered state legally just try watching 'Transformers:The Movie' as an adult. It's so quickly cut that you just feel bombarded, quite a trip ;) - though when I saw it with my kid brother in the 80s I could just barely keep up and he absolutely loved it - even the cheesy 80's "anthem" 'The Touch')
I don't disagree with all the choices, and there are some I haven't seen, but there are several I disagree with. The part about Serenity was very positive, so I'm a little confused why it is quite so low.

The problem with a lot of TV series made into movies is that many of them were never that good to begin with, and few can work successfully outside the structure of a TV episode. Whilst a few of them were able to slightly mock the original series, like The Brady Bunch or Addam's Family, for example, and put a new spin on it, many of them are just bad remakes, like Charlie's Angels or Starsky and Hutch.

And I agree with Saje, I didn't think that Charlie's Angels was very empowering for females, all it seems to suggest is that you should always be incredibly (freakishly?) beautiful and willing to wear revealing clothes. Many of the choices are still fairly enjoyable films, like those I've already mentioned, but does that really mean they should be higher than a film which not only has more sophisticated humour and action, but a strong story and performances, which makes it not only more substantial but much more memorable? (I'm referring of course to Serenity ;)

Wayne's World was definitely a great film, though. I saw it recently for the first time in years and could remember most of the lines, which I consider a good thing because they were still funny. Who could forget the Bohemian Rhapsody scene, or Garth's drum solo?
I suppose we're lucky Tom Cruise didn't do the movie of Firefly. He'd have killed the whole crew off in the first few minutes and the reveal Mal was an Alliance double agent.
Yay Brady Bunch!
Yay Serenity!
As has been said, any "Serenity" is a good thing, though considering some of the competition a top 10 spot shouldn't of been out of the question. Still, I loves me some "Brady Bunch" and "Office Space" too!
I would have liked Serenity higher on the list too, but I wasn't the only one making the decision. :) Glad others love the Brady Bunch too though.
I would have put Serenity higher on the list but I love all of their top 5 choices.

I was a huge Police Squad fan and first in line to see Naked Gun. And even though I was just a kid, I still remember a lot of The Fugitive epis.
I'm with Razor. Some of these I'm not sure about, but some were definitely inspired. One of the issues I have with understanding the list is that for a lot of these movies, I've seen the movies but not the original show or skit, vice versa, or neither:

Seen both: 2 (ST:tWoK and Serenity)
Seen Movie only: 9
Seen TV only: 5
Seen neither: 9

As such, it's pretty hard for me to judge the overall accuracy of the list.
Seen both: 7
Seen Movie only: 10
Seen TV only: 2 (saw *some* MST3K, pretty sure it was the TV version, anyway)
Seen neither: 6

They should repeat Police Squad. They repeat every other old series, so why not one that has spawned such succesful movies?
Maybe because it's only 6 episodes ? Possibly not deemed worthy of advertising or promotion (I think i've seen it on Paramount but it arrived without much fanfare or indeed warning of any kind ;).
I'm not so obsessive that I believe Serenity requires a #1 slot, it wasn't for everyone and I'm down with that... but I take some major poo-flinging issue with many of those. I mean seriously, Beavis and Butthead Do America and Charlie's Angels BETTER than Serenity?
"I suppose we're lucky Tom Cruise didn't do the movie of Firefly. He'd have killed the whole crew off in the first few minutes and the reveal Mal was an Alliance double agent."

*shiver* That writing choice haunts me to this day. They totally betrayed an established and ensemble cast of characters so Tom Cruise could do a solo action flick with a recognizable name. I just can't watch a movie entirely made to suit one actor's ego.
Yippe for Serenity making the list, boo that it so low. Serenity should have been in the top 10 at least. The Transformers? Really? Huh.
what a horrible list. Charlie's Angels is a terrible movie, one of the worst all-time. As is Starsky and Hutch.

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