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May 06 2006

(SPOILER) Daniel Dae Kim voices Metron in the penultimate Justice League Unlimited.

Gotta say, I'm as ignorant as DDK about who Metron is. In fact, I'm not sure if Herc really means that Metron is an "icon", or if he's being sarcastic because Metron is an obscure or even new character. Someone who knows the DC world will enlighten us...

Metron's pretty obscure. He pops up for the cosmic stories, but that's about it. He's got a wicked chair too.
Yeah, he's not a huge character more a sort of 'facilitator' who crops up every now and again to pass on news of cosmic significance though sometimes he plays a pivotal role (he's one of the New Gods, a god of reason and intellect). Maybe Herc is just really into chairs ;).

The JLU ending's pretty good (it's already been on in the UK) if maybe a little deus ex-ish. I'd say 'Divided We Fall' and 'Epilogue' were probably better ways to tie the series off but without this season we'd never have had the highly entertaining 'Flash and Substance' or the almost subversive 'Patriot Act' (not to mention the huge Whedonverse *sqee* fest that was 'Grudge Match' ;).
I'm really going to miss this show. I really think its the best animated super-hero show ever.

In related news, it's Free Comic Book Day!
He was in the series finale as well, as broadcast here in Canada today. Awesome episode, with a great Superman line re: Luthor and one of the finest Superman mini-rants ever!

I didn't find it to deus-ex'y, more deus-facilitae :) I liked the symetry to the idea, if not the execution.

I will miss the show *tremendously*. It has really grown into one of my favorites over the years.
I'm so sorry this series is going, but glad to hear DDK. He was great!

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