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May 06 2006

Boreanaz and Rohm slated to attend the Farm Sanctuary's Gala. Celebrating on May 20th its 20th anniversary as the first established shelter for farm animals, as well as working to help create laws to ban cruel factory farming practices.

Boy do I wish I could attend this. It's great to see David remain in the public eye. Great cause too.
Kinda curious - anyone know if he's been there before, or if it's his current cohosts persuasiveness (or something to do with the production of the show) pulling him there?

(I'm always curious how stuff like that works.)
David and Elisabeth are both very big animal rights activist. He has attended many Humane society functions in the past but I do not know if this is his first time at this particular event.
Thanks RavenU for letting us know about this event. I know of David's work with animal welfare and especially his crusade to encourage dog owners not to chain their animals. I wasn't aware of Elizabeth Rohm's involvement but am pleased to read she will be there, too. Emily Deschanel from "Bones" is also on the list as well as a whole lotta other celebs involved with animal welfare.

I run a farm sanctuary in Alaska and am hoping our personal budget will allow either myself or my husband to attend.

Thanks again, RavenU and Whedonesque, I probably would have not caught up to this event until after it happened. Now, there still may be time to go.
I'm so glad that both David and Elisabeth are such big animal rights activists. It's good that they're putting their celebrity power to good use.
I'm so glad you called attention to this. Farm Sanctuary is one of my favorite animal organizations. Hooray for the Whedonverse animal activists! I did not know that David Boreanaz was so involved with animal issues.

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