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May 06 2006

(SPOILER) Mercedes McNab's film "Hatchet" screens at Tribeca Film Festival to reviews ranging from great to so-so. New York Magazine says, "Adam Green's homage to seventies horror flicks wants to be the next Halloween, but it's actually the next Wet Hot American Summer." Cinema Strikes Back calls it "100% fun". I was at the premiere, and I tend to side with...

New York (and Fangoria) on this one. It's a very funny movie, the acting from the main cast is pretty good, and the gory deaths were inventive and were met with much enthusiasm & applause from the audience. It wasn't all that scary or suspenseful, though, and plotwise, it wasn't tremendously original. However, the humor, the acting, and the various bloody methods of slaughter make it worth seeing by slasher fans.

Mercedes was funny and smoking hot; her character was basically Harmony, if she had stayed home from graduation that day, and later on decided to become a "Girls Gone Wild" girl. If you're wondering about the implications of this, let me confirm it: oh yes, we see them. In fact, in her very first scene, she is . I was not expecting to see that at all, and I think part of my brain shut down from sensory overload. To quote the guy sitting behind me, "woah".

We have GOT to see this movie, dude.
Cordelia's suspicions in season 2....suddenly not that far off.
Wow. I had no desire to see this.

Now, I do. Oh, bad bad shallow Unplugged...
Does Mercedes' character die, areacode and if so how?(use spoiler font I guess)
Hmm. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I don't want to spoil too much of Adam Green's movie online before it has even been picked up, so I'll send an e-mail with the details to the address in your profile.

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only two reasons i'll go see this's horror :P

2.Kane Hodder who played Jason in Friday The 13th part 7-10 plays the killer WOO HOO
Is Kane Hodder still crying about Freddy vs. Jason? :)
only two reasons i'll go see this

Same here, but a different two reasons.

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