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March 26 2003

It's a boy!!!! Charisma Carpenter gave birth to a healthy baby boy at 9:50 PM on March 24th in a Beverly Hills hospital. The baby's name is Donavan Charles Hardy.

Angel fans may be interested to know that Donavan Charles Hardy will share the same birthday as Alyson Hannigan. Angel fans may be less interested to know that he will share the same birthday as me.

Happy birthday, Simon!
Happy Birthday Simon and congrats to Charisma and hubby!
Happy birthday Simon and welcome to the world Donavan!

Congrats to CC and hubby!
Thanks grrarrgh00 but me, Alyson and D.C. Hardy were all born on the 24th. Sorry for causing any confusion.

Spookily, me and Alyson were born on March 24th 1974. Anyone else share a birthday with a Buffy or Angel star?
How would I find out if I shared a birthday? Just by checking IMDB or is there a faster way?
I can't see how anything could be faster than IMDB. Try searching by date here.
Or you can go to the Buffy Birthday Calendar and find your special day. Most (but not all) major actors from Buffy and Angel are listed.
Thanks wren. J.August Richards and me share :) 3 days from James'. That's a birthday party I wouldn't mind going to.
Welcome Donovon! And congrats to Charisma! :)
Welcome Donovon! And congrats to Charisma! :)
Hmm, Michelle Trachtenberg is exactly 4 years and 1 week younger than me. Is it wrong to have a crush on her? Oh well, if it is, I don't wanna be right.

Oh, and congrats, Charisma :)

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