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May 06 2006

"The Ariel Ambulance is in Browncoat hands!" Akin documents -- with text, photographs, and video -- Saturday's culmination of the ten-month effort to rescue the ambulance seen in "Ariel" from a scrapyard.

Bravo to the 'coats who made this happen. Personally, I was never inspired to participate, but I'm impressed with what they accomplished, and their spirit and determination. Well done!
This is very exciting, I'm glad this group of Browncoats cared enough to rescue and preserve the prop. That really was one of my favorite episodes (now I feel like celebrating by rewatching 'Ariel'). edited to remove several more repetitions of the word 'really'
Congratulations to those brave Browncoats that saved an important part of TV sci-fi history. Any chance for an Ariel Ambulance tour, or at least have Joss be the first to see the final restoration?
Wow, that is really great.

Can't wait to see it!

(If I can.)
I've waited almost a year to be able to post in an Ariel Ambulance thread and say "so damned awesome!" to the folks who participated and organized this entire thing.

I really look forward to seeing restorations and the like!
High Five! ! ! . . . big dudes!
First of all, mad props to everyone who worked hard in this effort -- finding the ambulance, getting the word out, raising funds, donating funds, transporting the ambulance. This is a great piece of our Firefly "heritage" to save! :-)

On a less happy note, I had kind of mixed feelings reading that Ace Underhill came "to do some interviews." Unless he was actively involved in rescuing the ambulance, I feel a little uncomfortable with him using it as a publicity event. This event belongs to the people who worked on it, not to Mr. Underhill -- unless, as I said earlier, he did indeed take an active part in it, in which case he should certainly share in the celebration. I certainly hope he is not stealing any thunder from people who really put time and effort into doing something great! :-(
I second what was said above. People who ask for demographic information first off shouldn't be trusted because they can easily sell it at a high price to corporations, and it doesn't add anything but suspicion when they come to an event to do 'interviews', when I hadn't heard about them contributing at all previously to the effort.

Sadly, I could not give my time but only some money to the Ariel Ambulance Fund, but I am so very, very glad that the joint Browncoat Effort got this awesome piece before it was scrapped.

Way to go, BROWNCOATS!
billz, the website mentioned that he and his cameraman both helped to lift the thing onto the trailer. Whether or not he's legit he was definitely there to help out and earn some goodwill, not just to interview people and make it some sort of photo op.
Although I personally don't have the same affinity for props as it seems so many others here have (the amount of money spent seems crazy to me and better spent elsewhere), I do have to applaud those who worked so hard to make this happen. The great power of the Browncoat continues to surprise me! I love that a TV show or a writer can get a community of people together and achieve something like this. Congrats!
I was only in one of those photos because most of them are from the pick up of the ambulance instead of the drop off. Because I'm disabled, I only had enough energy to help them unload it instead of taking the whole journey. Probably why Adam had me listed under the museum crew... Everyone was so cool though. I've never gotten to socialize with other browncoats in person before because they tend to be in hiding in Bakersfield. It was a great experience and hell on my back, haha. That thing is terribly heavy!
Sounds like you had a lot of fun GimpyD! As someone with back issues too I can understand what you may be going through but can understand why you wouldn't have wanted to pass up the opportunity to participate!!

I'm so thrilled that this bit of Firefly history was saved. It's been exciting to follow the journey and I hope we get to see more. Wish I could see it in person but I live on the east coast!
Congratulations to those brave Browncoats that saved an important part of TV sci-fi history. Any chance for an Ariel Ambulance tour?

That's what we are hoping for, World Con are interested in showing the ambulance and we are in contact with other conventions to try and get it shown at as many as possible so people can come out and see it. The main problem is the space needed to display it and the cost of transporting the ambulance. We also have some props courtesy of the Prop Store of London to show with the ambulance.
I'm so glad you got to participate, GimpyD! BTW, your name *rocks*, dude! In the words of Ali G, "Represent!" ;-)
GimpyD, we have some Browncoat members in Bakersfield on the SoCal group. We were just there a couple months ago for a shindig with about 20 people in attendance. Join us if you'd like, maybe we can convince them to come out of hiding more often.

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