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May 07 2006

Joss Whedon wins Nebula Award for Serenity script. Michael Cassutt accepted the award for him at the ceremony run by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Relevant info:

Nebula Award wikipedia entry.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America website

In this year's category for the script, there were only two contenders.

1) "Act of Contrition"/"You Can't Go Home Again" by Carla Robinson, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle, Battlestar Galactica

2) Serenity by Joss Whedon

Joss has been nominated before at the Nebula Awards for his Once More With Feeling Script.

Michael Cassutt writes for Sci Fi Weekly and has written a fair bit of genre television as well.

Congrats, Joss!
Excellent! Congratulations, Joss!
Wonderful news! Conga Rats!
The first of many more awards, Joss. Congratulations!
Of course this in no way diminishes the honor, but I'm a little surprised that there were just two nominees total for the best-script award. (The other one was a BSG episode, so not even directly comparable.) No other 2005 scifi/fantasy movie or TV episode was even worthy of consideration?
bovik: originally it was Serenity up against "The Old Negro Space Program" but according to the Preliminary Ballot SFWA page "the eligibility of this work has been questioned and has yet to be ruled on by the rules committee". So I have to assume that the film was dropped and BSG brought in to replace it on the ballot. Which doesn't really answer your question but I too am mildly puzzled why there were only two entries.
Yay Joss! Congrats!
I don't much care about the number of competitors. In ten years, no one's gonna care anyhow. And that "Nebula winner" tag always sounds nice, and never goes away.

Joss, Joss, he's our man!
If he can't do it, Malcolm can!
(And since Malcolm's his creation,
I guess he can pretty much do anything he wants
In the whole gorram verse.

Yay Joss.)
Congratulations to Joss - much deserved !!!
Congrats, Joss. In your honor I'll wear my Jayne hat all day.
I kind of would have liked to see a picture with Joss and Harlan Ellison together. Very different people, but both extremely passionate about their work.
Congrats Joss! Well deserved indeed. I'll have a pepsi in your honour! (it's damn hot here)
For me, I toast my coffee cup to Joss...since I'm about to have some this morning.
WooHoo for the man. Good for you.
Congrats! Well deserved.
Congratulations, Joss.
Shiny! Something to put on future creations for our man! Winner of the Nebula award Yay!

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Congrats Joss and well deserved.
Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Joss!
Yay! Congratulations Joss!
Congratulations, Joss. The script - and the movie and cast and director, and... truly deserved many awards.
Very Nice! And yay for Holly Black too. Her faerie novels are wicked.

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Yay - great win! Although how you can compare a feature film to two episodes of an ongoing TV series is beyond me.
You go, Joss! Only the first Nebula of many, I just bet.

(Over on Boingboing, where I first stumbled across this earlier today, Joss is included in a list of Cory Doctorow's "favorites" from among this year's winners.)
Well, let me be the 26th to say "Congratulations"! Yay Joss! :-)
Congratulations, Joss et al. But… who’s this Michael Cassutt fellow?
It's a pretty big damn honour, winning the Nebula. Cheers, Joss! (Sorry . . . been away, just read the great news)

(Horovits: Cassutt? Follow Simon's links)

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