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May 07 2006

'Buffy Animated' Designer's Take on 'Fray'. Eric Wight, the designer for the defunct 'Buffy Animated' has a new blog that reveals his own take on another slayer, Melaka Fray. Plus lots of new art for his other projects.

Okay, we know that Buffy: the Animated Series is dead, but can anyone say Fray: the Animated Series?

Pretty please?

Ooh, and check out the wicked Ash/Buffy pic halfway down the page. I think I'm getting a geekasm.

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Oooh, interesting idea Nickseng. Wonder what Bruce Timm's doing now that JLU's finished ?
NickSeng- the thought of Fray: The Animated Series (or Fray anything), is heavenly.
Perfect. I loved this guy's take on our Scoobs, now he's included Melaka. He's so talented! Makes me want to see more!
Any official addition to the Slayerverse is a welcome one as far as I am concerned.
Fray is my last hope for Joss to come back to TV again (live-action). Someday. Sigh.
Essentially it's "Buffy 2025" and he could start with fresh faces.
He just needs to come up with some inbetween material as to why activating all the slayers gets reversed ;-)
Fray-anything is at the top of my wish list, but I've always figured other Whedonverse projects were more likely.
It's good to hear that I wasnt the only one that thought the Fray comics should be a BEGINNING to a whole new world. Love that girl, the time, and the entire twin thing especially.

And, GAH to the Ash/Buffy picture. I'd like that framed please.
"defunct". Sniffle.
This is great for all those Fray, I'm more interested in the old faces and Buffy.
I'd love to see "Fray, the Animated Series".
I always preferred this instead of "Buffy Animated".
Okay Fray as anything animated is my dream- let me finish!...job. I'm currently pursuing a career in voice acting and actually used a lot of frames from Fray for my demo. Gunther (the fish dude) and Vrill (the spidery demon god thingy) were my two favorites.

So if anybody here as any connections, or you know, IS Joss help me out and give me a chance!

But yeah, the idea is frickin' awesome. I loved Fray!
With JLU ending, a Fray series (on a station that's not CN, so it would be treated correctly) would really be heavenly.
What other network besides CN could do a Fray animated series thats appealing to both kids and adults?
fun fact: I commissioned both the Fray and the Ash/Buffy commissions! There are a couple more I have he has yet to post, but you can definitely expect more from Mr Wight.
What other network besides CN could do a Fray animated series thats appealing to both kids and adults?

True that, Simon. MTV put on that AMAZING Spider-man series with Neil Patrick Harris as the voice. But anything Fray anywhere would be great!

And Inevitable... kudos to you, and I wish you the best, really. I've considered that path a few times, but I dont think I'd be so great at it. But if you happen to ever do a series with Will Friedle... I'll give you my number to pass along.
Count me among those that hope we get something more with Fray. I would adore an animated series.
Anything Joss wants to do re: Fray would be awesome, but my wildest dream scenario features WW and Goners doing so well that studios will be begging him to do a big screen version of Fray -- based on the comic or something new set post-storyline -- starring (guess who!) Kristen Bell as Melaka. Seriously, her wit/smarts/spunk married to Joss's dialoguely, plotty goodness? A thing of beauty and a joy forever!
Kristen Bell as Fray...hmmm. I'm probably alone in this but I could see Kristen Bell taking over the role of Buffy. So Fray? Let's give it a shot. Give her a lot of martial arts training, dye her hair...sounds like that could work.

Anyway, Fray for me.
In re: to a live action Fray...honestly not the best medium for it I think. I just don't see it that way...something about it just doesn't seem like it would translate well into a live action movie, since so much of it would have to be CG anyways.

But I think Kristen would be perfect for the voice of Melaka, no doubt about that. Plus then if I get my wish (sssseee my earlier post) maybe we'd record in the same studio! *hopeful sigh*
I see Fray live-action to be sort of like The Fifth Element. And while I did find that movie entertaining enough, it would still be a bit too camp I think. Or something. It's just a bunch of extreme visuals that would be difficult to pull off seriously. (Then again, I still haven't seen Blade Runner so I have no idea how futuristic dystopias are really meant to look like undistilled.)

I really liked his Fray though, even moreso than the BtVStAS stuff which struck me as a bit weird and slightly too simplistic. Maybe it's just how he doesn't have to reflect how someone in real life looks.
I'd definitely picture it more Bladerunner than Fifth Element but i'd really rather have it as a series than film and probably an animated series at that (makes sense from a budgetary perspective if nothing else).

If we can't get Timm i'd like to see Joss write it and Genndy Tartakovsky (of 'Samurai Jack' fame among others) do everything else. It'd be so cool that it'll never happen in a month of Sundays each of which is accompanied by a blue moon.

(this is me trying reverse psychology on fate, hey, you never know ;).
Kristen Bell as Melaka? Damn. I'm the one now having a geekasm. I bet she can kick ass too since she can dance. There have been many dancers who are actors that can fight (Jennifer Garner, SMG, and of course the best of them all Summer).
David Carradine too. At least that's what he said back in the day.

Didn't know Kristen Bell was a dancer. I'd like to see her do it sometime.

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