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May 07 2006

Jewel Staite, Jonathan M Woodward and R.D. Price in Australia. Stories and photographs of this last weekends HUB convention in Sydney. There were parties, beers with the boys, and drop bears.

I've just gotten home from the pub with Jonathan and R.D, who were a bloody HOOT! This link will take you to the convention stories. Beers with the boys stories, (or more of them) will be posted by tomorrow, it's late in Oz, and we're all a little sleepy. (Check the Captain Whatpants? Thread, for some lovely surprises). Also, we had R.D believing in drop bears for a good ten minutes, for those of you who don't know, drop bears are a fictious, evil, vicious, sweet koala looking bear, that will drop on you and eat your head no matter where you are in Oz. Including indoors, they live in ceilings, or so we tell people.

thanks for sharing the pics

someday. . hopefully I too will get to meet some shiny BDHs
Great photos, looks like a fun time.
Did you see the butt shots? Oh God, that was hysterical!
Great indeed. Jewel is always wonderful.
You folks must have had a great time. I'm filled with envy. Is that one of the seven deadly sins? (I know it's not Mal's favorite, at least). Special thanks to Leisha for the pics of Jewel's fabulous legs, which are long enough she could probably step to Oz and save the plane fare. What. A. Woman.
I was in the middle of cooking dinner for my Mum when nixy phoned to say they were off to the pub with the boys so I had to say no :-( Looking at pics is great but it ain't quite the same! At least I was there for the tightpants shoot on Saturday :-)
Yes, you were missed Mim! However, I have no doubt that there will be many other times. Oh, and did we mention that Jewel accidently peed on the Shindig dress? Great story!
Mr. Woodward seems a little, er, energetic. What a fun time he creates at cons! Good on ya, Oz! Cheers, nixy! ;-)

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