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May 08 2006

Wonder Woman audition trailer. One "young, unknown" actress is so keen to play Wonder Woman, she's made her very own trailer. Whatever you think of it, you have to admire the fact that she's gone to all this effort.

Very clever! A few points off for missing trivia like it's "Patriarch's/Man's World" instead of "mankind" and WAY too much makeup, but very impressive. Of course wanting it that much virtually guarantees you'll never get it in Hollywood though...
Wow, that was pretty impressive and a nice ending to boot.
I had somebody who emailed me through the Goners site trying to get Joss to set them up as Wonder Woman. They've stopped doing 'adult' movies for a year to pursue their goal to be Wonder Woman. (It's not this person).

Where's Nathan's Wonder Woman vid? And Joss' Wonder Boy audition? Slackers on a plane.
That was great, but it seemed more like a showcase for the director rather than the actress. He, I would hire.

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According to the actresses' website, she wrote the trailer and Ken Feinberg directed it. It could be the same Ken Feinberg who played a Chaos Demon in the Buffy episode "Fool For Love".
It's obvious that she put quite a bit of work into it, but all the effort in the world isn't going to make her a better actress.
In all seriousness, this is quite impressive. Doing some checking up, she also supports an event which is "a festival of theater, spoken word, performance and community events created to bring the issue of violence against women and girls front and center in the culture and the community." It's not Equality Now (as far as I know), it's another group in New York.

Whatever the case, I'm happy somebody like this is actually interested in the role, and it isn't just the endless stream of Jessica Alba's.
I enjoyed it. The make up did kind of give it that "adult" feel to it, but I love that someone actually felt motivated enough to go to so much trouble. I want to do my own one now!
Before I watch this, it's not going to be like that awful attempt by Sean Young to be cast at Catwoman, is it?

On edit: Ah, no, more like the pain of watching those old test reels for a Wonder Woman TV series that never happened.

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Very cute and creative, esp the last bit when she's watching the news! Seriously, you've got to admire her moxie! It's really not bad for a self-produced audition vid.
... there WAS a Wonder Woman TV series.
So in this reimagining of WW, Paradise Island is somewhere off the coast of New Jersey?

Very entertaining--it had a "Flesh Gordon" feel to it.
Can't watch it at work, but I assume it's better than say, Sean Young's 'wannabe Catwoman' efforts?
Per her blog she's the biggest Joss fan she knows.
Do you remember the scene in Goodfella's where Lorraine Bracco is lamenting about her new "friends" and how they all have too much makeup, bad outfits and they look a little beatup? The segment in the trailer where they showed all the Amazons totally reminded me of that scene.

And this actress struck me as an 1990 Bracco look-alike. (That's a compliment!)

(And to be honest, it would not have shocked me to see Paul Sorvino make a surprise appearance in a toga as Queen Hypolita.)
Definitely looked like a porn spoof of Wonder Woman... only without the porn.
hmmm. That was sort of weird.
I say ditto to what Hjermsted just said.
Well-directed, well-written, fun ending (love the sofa) but not gonna get her *that* job. Also - I fear her wig.

I hope it gets her somewhere though, she's obviously got a good sense of humour and plenty of nous. Points for effort.

Personally, I wish they would cast Anne Hathaway.
I wouldnt hire her, but I would definately take the guy who was on the "news". Hysterical!
And I agree with Mythtaken, I fear ALL their wigs.
If not as Wonder Woman, they should hire her for some role in the movie; but alas, it won't happen, because the more somebody wants a role, the more likely they will be the last person on the planet to get it.
It is amazing how she incorporated that gold headband so seamlessly *cough* into all her non-WW outfits.
I can't remember the mythology - does she lose her powers if she doesn't have the headband? And please, fire the hair and makeup people!
Not flawless, but a good adaptation, very Whedon... possibly a little too Buffy for that matter, but it was good. If they go with an unknown, she can have my (worthless) vote.

(And be nice people, she's a Whedon fan which probably means she reads this site!)

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I'm a little torn between the two dominant threads mentioned so far--that it's a very impressive showing for a fan-vid, and that it looks just a little bit like an adult movie. But I'm more impressed than not. Not that she's gonna get the job, but I'd probably take her over Jessica Alba.

Btw, can anyone identify the music played? It sounded very familiar.
The music sounded very Batman Beginsesque. Although I could be making that up.

Ultimately, yes, the production values are really bad here. But for what money they had - which is probably, you know, nothing - I think they did well. (Try making your own movie trailer with no budget. It ain't easy). And the final scene? That should be in the movie.
Ditto on the scary hair and makeup. I really liked the bracelet transfer sequence though, and she did well in the action sequences. Very convincing catch on the arrow. How do they do that btw?
Part of the music, at the end at last, is from Batman Begins.
She's just not striking enough, for me, to play Wonder Woman. It could have been the overabundance of make-up that makes her look older than she is, but I just don't see it.

Honestly, the guy in the newscast at the end was the best actor in the trailer. Joss should totally cast him and steal that scene for his script. ;)
Way too much effort to look like Linda Carter (hence the makeup), but a decently done video. Like just about everyone, I really love the bit with her watching the news at the end - by far the best show of skill at writing.
I dunno, she really looks uncomfortable in her skin. A lot of actors cast as great fighters look really sloppy and clumsy in combat. WW should move well and be graceful. I think someone with an athletic background would be good.

Surely there must be a lot of goregous, great actress, martial artists around, right?
If you want to show off your acting skills, I wouldn't think a trailer that mostly only had fight scenes would be the way to do it. While the trailer was well put together, I didn't get a sense of her as a great actress.
I will agree with Kelric on that score. Fighting is the job of the stunt coordinators and team - acting is the job of the indiviual.
Well, A for effort, and for chutzpah. (Apparently some people have a lot of time and money on their hands.) But this looked more like a parody or a B-movie. It does beat Sean Young's antics but that's not really saying all that much. And the actress is just not impressive to me, either in what little acting is shown, her charisma, or her bad-wig-wearing-abilities. (We have Halle Berry for that already;)

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For what it is, it's great! The hair and makeup is too much, but I didn't get a porn impression from it because they got the themes right and their expression of them is sincere.

Septimus, before the Lynda Carter TV show, there was a mini-pilot for a show that never got made (here). That's what bix was referring to.
"Whatever you think of it, you have to admire the fact that she's gone to all this effort. "

Agreed! I'm glad that her video has gotten so many hits so far!

Fan films are easy to criticize and rip to shreds, but a nightmare to put together.

Would be nice if 'the powers that be' offered her SOMETHING in the film for her efforts.
Honestly, the guy in the newscast at the end was the best actor in the trailer. Joss should totally cast him and steal that scene for his script. ;)
Hoppy | May 08, 20:51 CET

If he ever does another series, maybe she could come onboard as a writer. I thought having WW hunt around for the remote was a cute touch.
I did find myself wondering why, on an island with no men, these women would wear so much makeup.
I give her mad props, regardless of her...ability, I think she deserves a few solid pats on the back for her effort. Making this kinda thing is hella hard and takes a lot of time, especially with limited resources.

I can't believe people are actually critiquing this haha...
It was amusing. The fishnets horrified me for a moment, because she's not Wonder Canary, but that didn't take away from the amusement. She obviously won't be Wondy, but I give her major snaps for effort. I'm assuming her redheaded enemy was the Amazon Artemis?
"Clarke Wolfe"?? Cummon! That's got Porn-star written all over it! Someone's bound to make "Wanton Woman" and she should be the lead :)

Think she's on the right lines with a female villian though.
That video gave me the best smile all week. Must give her an 'A' for effort.
Fair enough people not liking the trailer but to make fun of her name is a bit rude and uncalled for. I'd like to think posters at Whedonesque were better than that.

I think what she did was cool.
I can't get this to play -- does anyone happen to know of any mirror sites? Thanks, all! :-)
Wow, pretty darn cool if you ask me. I agree with harvey chin, give her a small part. That would be so cool! I wonder if Joss has seen this.
Thanks, gossi! :-)
That ending was bloody fantastic! Loved that guy!
I really enjoyed that, except the make up that made the women look like drags. Overall, it was pretty damn kool.
Sharin' big love for Chaz, the TV news clip guy! LOL, definitely the best part of the whole trailer. :-)

Also sharin' the big fear of the hair and makeup. It did make it look kinda porn-y. :-(

But overall, they really made a huge effort, lots of different scenes and cast members and props to cope with (that arrow "catch-and-release" was nice, as was the couch-lift). Definitely mad-props to the director, less so for the performers. Ms. Wolfe did all right in the fight scenes, and they were shot really well for fans/non-"Hollywood". The funny thing is, the actress really did not write herself enough lines for us to judge her acting! It was all the same 2 moods -- looking upset (silently) or fighting (silently). IMO, this woman did not win the role with this trailer, but she really made something to be proud of! :-)
Anyone remember the 1974 Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman? This audition tape is at least as good as that was, for a lot less money. Also loved the ending.
Cathy Lee Crosby?? *opens a tab for IMDB*

How many versions of WW have there been, ffs? ;-)
Anyone remember the 1974 Cathy Lee Crosby version of Wonder Woman? This audition tape is at least as good as that was, for a lot less money.

The trailer was leaps and bounds better than the Cathy Lee Crosby version. CLC didn't even remotely look like Wonder Woman, and that flouncy-skirted leisure suit came from what drug-crazed mind?
Made me grin. Plus, you've gotta give her mad props for putting it out there like that. As has been said already, let's not take potshots at the actress; this site and its members are better than that.
It looked like a MadTV parody sketch! I loved the ending, though. Like WW wouldn't have to deal with horny fanboys? Nice touch.
There's an old classic saying that seems to come to mind on this thread---

"If you don't have something nice to say...then think about WHY you're saying it."

Are you trying to help or hurt?

[ edited by harvey chin on 2006-05-09 06:30 ]
Hear, hear, harvey chin! But the "classic" saying that I was thinking of was by Thumper, from Bambi: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Not trying to diss any posters, just adding to the confusion. ;)

And: "Would be nice if 'the powers that be' offered her SOMETHING in the film for her efforts." Ditto on that as well, h c. I enjoyed it, and kudos to her and her chutzpah for doing it! Though I gotta add that, yeah, the wigs were kinda fear inspiring. . . .
Let's not forget SMG's "audition" (MTV 2002 awards).
Now that was a hoot (and no I don't really want her to be WW, ugh).
Wow. I finally got to watch this. That is an incredible amount of work. Unfortunately I do not think it works as an audition tape at all, but I give her credit for courage. That alone will take an actor pretty far.
Yeah, just watched it this morning (problem with soundcard) and have to agree it's not a great audition reel (just not enough acting) but it must take major bricks to put something like this out there for public consumption so hats off to her.

(i also thought the couch/remote bit was quite funny and cool, I think the laugh at the end helped forestall any potential wig nightmares my subconscious may have had lined up ;)
Let's not forget SMG's "audition" (MTV 2002 awards).

Okay, that wig is not just scary, it's terrifying.
Is there an actual video of that anywhere?
Was Joss already selected to write the WW movie at that point? Maybe this is what inspired his selection.
Nope. Joss wasn't selected until the Spring/Summer of 2005. I don't remember what night, but if I bothered going through my LiveJournal I'm sure I'd find a hyperactive post from the very moment I heard it on the news.
I thought that was fun!

I also flatly refuse to subscribe to the idea that women only use make-up to please men, or that there was anything porn-y in the clip. These are the Amazons! If they choose make-up and big hair, more power to them :-)
Cute ending!
That was just cool! Makes me want to see the movie that much more.

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