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May 08 2006

Brazilian Region 4 Serenity DVD to be released on June 1st, 2006. It basically keeps the Australian and UK box art, with a BBC quote on top of it. Check the Larger art.

Extras Include:
Joss Whedon Introduction
Feature Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Future History - The Story of Earth That Was
What's In A Firefly
A Filmmakers Journey - Journey with Joss from Script to Screen (which was featured in the Australian Version).
Easter Egg - We'll Have A Fruity Oaty Good Time

The Full Box Art reads:
"A lot of Action, Drama and Emotion. This is the movie you've been expecting the whole year" - Jonathan Trout, BBC. (Can someone check the original quote? It if really says this?)

The bottom says:
"They will Misbehave"

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