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March 26 2003

Nick Brendon's first statement on the end of Buffy and find out how his fans are thanking him for his seven years on the show by raising money for charity.

There's a related item about Nick Brendon fans raising charity funds for the Stuttering Foundation of America at Sci Fi Wire.

The article is slightly inaccurate -- I have an e-mail in to the SciFiWire editors, hoping for a correction.

We'd like to donate $5,000 this year. Not $10,000. I may be optimstic, but I'm not on drugs. As it is, we'll also be having an auction of some sort toward the tail end of things to help us reach our goal. But I'd like to get as much as possible from fan donations before that point.
You have my support Monique! I hope you'll be able to raise the money and I'd urge everyone with any spare change to donate - it's a terrific idea
I'm brand new to this site, which means I can't yet start my own front page post... so forgive me for co-opting this one just a tad.

On the subject of fans thanking actors for their work on the series, check out It's a Thank You ad campaign for James Marsters started by us over at The first ad just ran in the 3/24 Daily Variety, and will next appear as the back cover of the 4/8 Hollywood Reporter magazine.

We've also raised almost $4000 so far for the Pediatric Aids Foundation, a favorite charity of James'.

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