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May 08 2006

What Is Mia Made Of? Another Goners fan site, exploring possible concepts of the mysterious film. They're starting to dominate Google.

Will it spread outside the Whedon fandom like another film into the press?

Well let's hope that it does start to get some recognition in the media. It is irritating that everytime a journalist gets access to Joss all they seem to want to know about these days is W W. Please Joss, give us an official update as to what's going on!
StevieB, you're 95% less subtle than me. Although, you can spell better, which is always a bonus.

I like the air of mystery in a way, as it leads to much speculation. Plus, it's a world which JW builds to infect dreams and minds (I presume, it's a thing); but without the world in clarify, people also begin to build their own dreams around things. Pointless? Possibly. Interesting? Can be. I've heard more speculation online about Goners than I have, for example, about a Serenity sequel recently.

As with all these things, I kick about ever meaning I can, as language is everything.

So. Meanings of 'Goners':

- Dokhodiaga (Goner)

"Goners were extremely emaciated prisoners on the verge of death from starvation. Their presence constantly reminded prisoners of their potential fate if they failed to fulfill work quotas and thus were deprived of their full food rations."

- There's a book by Goran Jovanic called "When the Goners Fight Back". I haven't read it, as I can't get a copy.

- Goners. "We were going to be goners". To face death.

- There's also a genre set of books by the name of - wait for it - Goners. I don't think it's remotely related.

I still haven't heard an explaination for Goners (in a movie sense), or Violet, which I like. With regards to Mia - a lot of that talk made sense.

I do think there's a real online marketing slant to this movie, where it can be slowly introduced in an interesting way to generate buzz. I do plan to take that up, in a business way, when it looks like something might be happening with it.

Here's a question: if you had two female characters called Mia and Violet in a movie called Goners, with scaryish themes, what would you write about? Extra points for not mentioning Judi Dench.

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Well, it is a different slant to marketing than snakes on a plane, that's for sure. But one piece of information every 12 months or so is just, in my opinion, a little tooooo slow.
Well, in fairness it's been about 8 months and it's not in production yet - but we know a character name or two, and some basic themes.

But, yeah, nothing beats Snakes. On a plane. (Yes, I'm actually looking forward to that film).
Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That is what Mia is made of.
"Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That is what Mia is made of."

Uh, are you feeling alright, Simon? This is going to be a Joss Whedon story. ;-)

...although "spice" could cover a lot of possibilities...
Or chocolate.

Hey, I'm totally stealing jokes today.

Goners is also -- it appears -- occasionally used in wicca, and used to describe people in the RPG Darkara.
Call me stupid, call me oblivious, tell me I'm not a true Joss fan, say what you will. But I must ask.......Goners?
Are there extra points if I mention Morgan Freeman? ;-)
+4 points for Morgan. Everybody Loves Morgan! On a plane!
I'm kind of shocked that there are fan sites for this ALREADY.
Yay! Morgan on a plane! I've heard he's so much more cooperative than snakes -- damn snakes all demanded their own trailers and makeup artists. ;-)
I'm kind of shocked the studio went back and reshot bits of "Snakes on a Plane" to ADD swearing -- because of the attention the film was getting online. That's nutty.
It sounds like a Dave Chappelle sketch waiting to happen. (Do you get Chappelle's Show in the UK?)
Goners - to reach the limit of endurance (translated via Russian)
Okay, I've pretty much managed to resist the Goners bandwagon so far, but...that website officially has me intrigued, as do all of Joss's quotes. Let the obsessing begin!
We're all Goners. Pass the Word.

(Let the marketing blitz begin!)
From Totally-Made-Up-But-Terribly-Official-Source Magazine:

The pitch used by Joss to pitch his new project to Universal (honestly) (we swear): 'Goners,' the darkly psychological tale of Mia and Violet, two 'Browncoats' (dedicated fans of the 'Firefly' television drama) as they travel to Hollywood to extract a twisted revenge on one Fox TV executive (the titular Goners) at a time. Over the course of their bloody feud, Mia and Violet encounter Morgan Freeman, who helps them discover the true meaning of... something very deep and meaningful (I'll come up with something for that later -j).

Other considered titles: 'Mia and Silent Violet Strike Back'


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Telltale, but what do the title characters dress as?! Bats has been taken.
Why, they're wearing blue gloves, of course.

Either that, or they both dress up as Jayne, goatee and all. It *is* a girl's name, after all.
‘Goners’ is an accidental misspelling of ‘Gooners’ which is, as everybody in North London knows, the pronunciation of ‘Gunners’ which of course refers to Arsenal football (soccer) club. And we all know that Joss is an Arsenal fan (yes really) as he has made reference to it in previous postings.

“Gooners: Bend it like Thierry Henry (who needs bloody Beckham)” therefore is the as yet untold story of Arsenal’s ladies club and their struggle for recognition in the male dominated world of football through the eyes of two young hopefuls, Mia and Violet. Morgan Freeman plays the stern yet fair referee. Dame Judi Dench and Dame Maggie Smith are slated as lineswomen. (sorry gossi).

(It probably helps at this stage if you have watched ‘Bend it like Beckham’ which is a very nice little movie and well worth seeing, even if you have zero interest in football/soccer. Joss obviously has taken a look but then who can blame him: Kiera Knightly in football shorts. No bat suits in sight. What more do I need to say?)
'Goners' is an accidental misspelling of 'GOMERs', as the film is based on the novel 'The House of God' (GOMER = 'Get Out of My Emergency Room'). Mia and Violet are roommates at the medical ward, 88 and 96 years old and multimorbid, and are driving their doctors crazy by just refusing to die already. Should be fun.
I'd buy that for a dollar.

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