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May 11 2006

Good news, bad news on pilots. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the early word about pilots is that ABC is "handing a series order" to "Day Break," the Taye Diggs series that co-stars Adam Baldwin, but that "Him and Us," the sitcom starring Anthony Stewart Head, is a "no-go" but might be shopped elsewhere. The article also reports that Christian Kane's "Close to Home" is "looking good to return next season" on CBS.

NonVerse news that might be of interest here include a "yes" for a new drama from J.J. Abrams from ABC, and that things "bode well for the chances" of "Veronica Mars" finding a home at the CW.

Wow. A lot of shows there. Must be weird working on a new show and suddenly someone decides they don't like it and it's gone.

And how can anyone not like ASH and Kim Catteral?!
Oh, that sucks.. (about Ash's show) I thought it really sounded interesting and UNIQUE.
interesting and UNIQUE.

Are you trying to jinx it ? Those words send network execs scurrying for cover quicker than 'Ned and Stacy II: Nedder and Stacier' ;-)
Sadly, Saje, I think that phrase only sends audiences scurrying. ;-)
That's why it continues to shock me that LOST is doing so well.
Man... I was SO looking forward to Anthony Head's show... :'(
So they're keeping "Freddie", "According to Jim", and "George Lopez", but not picking up a comedy produced/created with Elton John, starring Kim Cattrall and our beloved ASH? Man, it must be a really good show. Plus, they are smoking the crack again. *shakes fist at ABC suit-monkeys*
'Close to Home' coming back oh that is completely funny, since the producer told the cast they had not been picked up for next season. CBS must have been disappointed in their pilots.
No word on "Drive," though. I guess the pilot is still in production? Looks like it's slated to be a midseason show.
ABC passed on "Him and Us"? Boooooooo! Who in the universe wouldn't enjoy seeing ASH vamping it up as a pseudo-Elton John? Maybe Fox can pick it up....

Wait, what am I saying?

ETA: I like "Close to Home," but calling it a Christian Kane vehicle is hilarious; he shows up for an average of about 20 seconds per episode.

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"Drive" is going to shoot quite late in the season (July?), as they want to wait for a certain director to be free (ie they want a really good director to do it - which is wise). Which will likely mean - if it gets picked up - midseason. Or possibly winter premiere. The 'Firefly/Serenity' effects house are working on the special effects for the show, which will be interesting. Also brings in more Whedonverse connections to the show.

Frankly, I'll be surprised if Drive isn't picked up.

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Zoic does bring the shiny. "Drive" is easily my most anticipated new show at the moment. Well, that and "Studio 60."
Hmmm, that is actually quite good news regarding Invasion. The show absolutely deserves to continue, even if that happens to be on the CW. If it comes back for a second season I would strongly recommend everyone here watching it because the second half of this season has shown what a fantastic series it has the potential to become.

Not too fussed about the ASH sitcom, mainly because I'm really not a sitcom watcher (pardon the pun). I'd much rather see ASH in something a lot more substantial, preferably drama based.
Thanks billz! I've been on pins and needles about Everwood so it was quite exciting to see anything that didn't refer to it as doomed. But on topic... with Kim Cattrall attached to ASH's project I bet there's a good chance it would be heavily considered by one of the other major networks. Personally, I don't think the upfronts can come fast enough.
I wondered if the ASH show contained too much quality.
Sharin' the Everwood relief, bravegal. It was also interesting to see that Freddie might make it; like I've said before, that particular show isn't one I watch, but I was sure impressed by FPJ on Boston Legal this week. As for ASH's show, I sure hope that some other network gets interested; same goes for Andy Richter's pilot. Next week will be interesting!
"Him and Us" having too much quality for TV? Sounds....typical.
If the CW is looking for good sitcoms, it should consider this show
So they're keeping "Freddie", "According to Jim", and "George Lopez", but not picking up a comedy produced/created with Elton John, starring Kim Cattrall and our beloved ASH? Man, it must be a really good show. Plus, they are smoking the crack again. *shakes fist at ABC suit-monkeys*

I read an early version of the script and it wasn't good. It was pretty much the opposite of good. :/ I know there were rewites after the version of the script I read, but trust me - ASH can do so much better!

You don't like The George Lopez Show?

No word on "Drive," though. I guess the pilot is still in production? Looks like it's slated to be a midseason show.

I think they are just going into production right now... I heard they were going to be shooting really late to accomidate people they wanted to work on the pilot but who were already working on other pilots. That was just a rumor I was told so no guarantees that the info is accurate. :)
Well this certainly sucks. I was really looking forward to seeing ASH appear on my t.v. every week again.
TV Guide says if ABC doesn't pick up "Invasion" for a second may be sent to the CW. That could change things around in the upcoming schedule.
I'll be happy with Invasion being picked up by the CW, as long as it doesn't get in the way of a 3rd season for Veronica Mars.
Actually, I'd sacrifice a third season of Veronica Mars in favour of a second of Invasion, without a shadow of a doubt. I've seen the first season of both shows now (almost, in the case of Invasion) and there is simply no comparison for me. Invasion is a far superior concept with much more interesting characters and situations, absolutely no contest. Although, obviously it would be better if both series were renewed, to keep everyone happy.
Actually, I think VM will be on the CW....but in January, after the offices are filled with Mars bars sent by angry fans. Remember, they still have to fit in Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Supernatural, Smallville, maybe 7th Heaven, WWE Smackdown, Girlfriends, America's Next Top Model, and Everybody Hates Chris. VM may wind up on the bench for a while before she gets her chance, and she will.
I really do hope VM gets its chance in September; waiting until January (or, you know, never) for a season three will be painful. If it is renewed though, I'm a little anxious about the format change from a season-long arc to three mini-arcs. Then again, I was also pretty panicky about Angel's supposed change to standalone format in season five, and it ended up being pretty arc-y, just less obviously so. (It also ended up cancelled, so maybe I shouldn't hope for that.)

Oh, and I can't wait for Drive. Go Tim! Don't get cancelled! Maybe he should plan for the third episode to work as a series finale OR as a third episode, just in case.
After the rocking season finale that rocked so hard, I really hope VM gets onto the CW. Cause, you know, she rocks. ;-)

(OK, how many other VM fans thought they'd gone all Joss when ?)

Yes, the finale rocked hard.

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