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May 11 2006

(SPOILER) SMALLVILLE season finale. James Marsters' evil Brainiac starts an apocalypse tonight. Trailer for this episode at the link.

Apocalypse now? (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) ;-)
Well, now-ish, anyway ;).
The crap part is this is on the same time as the my name is earl finale.
Also conflicting is Fox's 7 minute X3 preview, at 8:30.
I saw an early cut of this. Evil Brainiac averts his own apocalypse when he realizes he'll excessively miss Happy Meals on legs.
That's a good twist, jaynelovesvera.
Also, I heard that, as originally written, Prof. Fine was actually travelling the world in search of the perfect onion blossom but they just couldn't work it into the season arc. Too many layers apparently.

Go sit in the corner, Saje. ;)
Recap of last weeks show from a new viewer who is not familar with the Superman myth (and hangs around with Spangels) : After Lex pulled his green ball out, Brainiac laughed and threatened Lex with his large sharp projecting sword. Later, Brainy injects Lex with a fluid. For some reason, Brainy is fixated on getting Zod to come and will do anything to make that happen.

ETA: Seriously, I think the show looks like it's must see TV. From what I gather from the SMALLVILLE boards, the finales tend to be pretty awesome.

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-05-11 15:34 ]
Last seasons certainly was, so I think with JM on board this one promises to be great too...that is if they use him to his full potential.
I like the Brainiac story, but I think it should be a bigger part of the series...they need to use JM more than they do...but what he has been in has been very enjoyable, at least to me!!!
LOL! Spikey, that's exactly what I saw too! Looking forward to the big finale. Will Lex and Zod finally come together? Will Brianiac poke Clark? Will Lionel cause Brainiac to explode again? All will be revealed tonight.

Sad it's over already, though, I thought it was a fun ride. Now I'm looking forward to the season 5 DVD this summer. I heard JM will be doing some commentary for it.
ha! Kitty, Brainiac has already poked Clark. (Remember the roll in the hay?)

I know Kristen has predicted that James is going to be on next season, (although she can be wrong) it will be interesting tonight to see if that is a possibility.
It's pretty hard to definitively die in Smallville. Brainiac seemed pretty done for when Clark poked him with his crystal in the Fortress (it's like Cluedo crossed with a Carry on movie ;) but then came back, so no matter what happens tonight I think JM may well be back next year because the show-runners feel him integral to the *cough* ratings *cough*, err, plot.

One season ender had Chloe apparently die in a massive explosion only to _actually_ be in a witness protection programme the following year and another year Lex collapsed, apparently dying, after being poisoned only to, yep, you guessed it, get better by episode 2 of the next season. In other words, the finales are usually excellent, the payoff the following year, not always quite so great (though I thought the season 4 finale/season 5 resolution were pretty good).

Various people involved have said that this season ender is going to be a very big moment in Clark's journey towards the cape though so I live in hope.
I've found that as long as Braniac is leaking lube, he still kicking. At the time, I thought--awwww, he's crying.. (My "poor Spikey"love feelings coming out) Of course, he had a half grin on his face, the evil robot.
Maybe he's El Diablo Robotico?
"I've found that as long as Braniac is leaking lube, he still kicking."

My mind just went to a bad pace. I like it here, send my mail:)
After Lex pulled his green ball out,
Brainiac has already poked Clark. (Remember the roll in the hay?)
I've found that as long as Braniac is leaking lube, he still kicking.

*rubs eyes in disbelief*

spikeylover has single-handedly earned this thread an R-rating. Well done! ;-)
I'll be watching. It's on in about 45 minutes. I'm recording it so I can concentrate on James rather than focussing on James as my 2 year old reaches for a knife.

ETA: Damn. I just read this again, and I sound like a horrible mother. You guys don't think less of me do you? :)

[ edited by Harmalicious on 2006-05-12 01:16 ]
It depends. Why is he/she reaching for a knife? ;-)
I think weapon training can never start too early.
So you have a little Potential?
Hey, what is Lex doing with Spike's coat?!?!?!?

That ain't right.

[ edited by jam2 on 2006-05-12 03:05 ]
Hey, what is Lex/Zod doing with Spike's coat?!?!?!?
Not just the coat, the whole getup! Apparently when Zod was released through Fine he channeled his residual Spike-ness into Lex as well.
Can we call him Spex now?
Great episode.As a long time Smallville watcher,this really was the culmination of five years of the series particuarly with Lex. The producers said in various interviews that he would be full on evil Lex Luthor and by the end of this season he would be there.Well by god he was!!!!!

As the The WB press release at the start of the season said.The Lex Luthor of comic book lore has finally arrived.

The episode had one hell of a cliffhanger.I swear Spike was never able to pull off the level of damage Brainiac does in this episode and on such a global scale.
Hee, Spex!

The episode had one hell of a cliffhanger
I'd agree with those who said season finales were often a strength of the show. And it also seems likely James would return next season since his location on the plane at least would seem to necessitate it. I'd hope they don't resolve everything in an episode or two -- the apocalyptic level of chaos would make for a great dark season. Though I did find it a little odd how people would suddenly go berserk and riot in a matter of hours. Surely their iPods would still have battery power ;>
Have you seen DeKnight's web-blog? All the Clark/Lana shippers are pissed off at him. (Hey, he didn't write the finale!! LMAO) I was actually happy when Chloe/Clark kissed. What boggled the mind was that even freakin' Zod is enticed by the power of Lana and couldn't resist kissing her.

James could be in next year's season premiere since Brainy was flying the plane into space, although he did sort of vaporize when Zod came. Actually, I don't really know WTH happened there.
I don't ship at all on Smallville.I look at it as since I'm a Superman comic fan and reader,I consider the comics as final canon and in the comics Clark is married to Lois.So shipping problem

As for the backlash DeKnight is getting on his blog to the episode tonight,after the reaction to,"Seeing Red" and,"The Girl In Question" at the Bronze,I think DeKnight is use to this sort of thing.He is a old pro at this.Probably will bring back fond memories of Buffy and Angel.
If people are complaining then it means they are watching. So, I'm sure DeKnight is not too upset. I was happy to see Chloe step up and smooch. Do I expect a Chloe/Clark relationship? No way.

Jam2, I had the same reaction to evil Lex's get-up. I'm thinking JM had the coat with him and loaned it out to wardrobe. Ok, so maybe not... but a girl can dream!
I swear Spike was never able to pull off the level of damage Brainiac does in this episode and on such a global scale.

I know! And Capt. Picard was never able to read minds like Professor X. What's up with that?? j/k ;~P
Awwww, finally got to see it. That was pretty good. I thought the crazy street fights were a little much, but whatever. I enjoyed Choloe kissing Clark. James was fantastic. He reminded me a lot of Hamilton when he was in his suit zipping around. Smallville definitely knows how to throw some epic finales.

Spex, that's good.
Let the James withdrawels begin... Knowing I was getting more of him on Smallville kept me going each week. It's a major downer not knowing what's next for him and when.
Well, I saw bits and pieces. Same old, same old on Smallville for me. Which means nothing good.

The only parts I dig are when,,, James kicks the crap out of Clark and does something really badass.
Yeah, good point about DeKnight and SEEING RED.. (Hey, I loved TGIQ)

Still, I am not that familar with the Superman myth, but even I know that Clark doesn't end up with Lana. There is no mystery there. These viewers had to know this when they started watching. Maybe it's just going over my head, but I don't understand the anger when Clark/Lana don't END UP TOGETHER. I don't think you can throw tantrums at DeKnight, say you won't watch anymore and CHANGE any of this.

The only real mystery seems to be as to whether Lois is really Lois or is Chloe Lois. James is right, with this show, you know the outcome going in, and it is like a play where you know the beginning, middle and End. OTOH, with Spike, you had no clue where he was going.

[ edited by spikeylover on 2006-05-12 13:31 ]
Still, this show probably won't end with Clark/Lois together. It could end with him alone, or with Lana, or even with Chloe. I think that's enough to justify the different ships (though getting angry at the writers over it is pretty silly).

I'm not a shipper, but like many, I got a kick out of Chloe kissing Clark. Good for her!
Looks as though Clark is alone now, hee, hee!

I have watched only the JM episodes of Smallville, and I must say this was probably the best of the ones I have seen. I still say that it's too bad that all the other characters can out-act Welling, because that is such a problem. Maybe there will be a few non-Welling episodes to begin the next season! Writers, don't bring him down too soon!

I'm not a shipper, either. I'm so uninvested in this show. (Show more scenes between JM and MR, though, and it could be interesting -- not in a shipping way, but in terms of their acting abilities.) However, of the three choices, I do like Chloe, and I'm glad she took advantage of the situation.
I thought it was pretty good, but I still need more JM in it. Brainiac is 'one cold dude' and James is nailing this part!!!!

The biggest mystery for me is that they have this incredible guest star in JM soooo....use him already. I would have loved more scenes of Brainiac/Lex action...what happened in that ship to PREPARE him???

Hey...maybe James did lend Lex the coat...heee!!!!! Still I really don't think evil Lex Luther has one tenth the appeal of bad ass Spike!

As for Clark and Chloe kissing...well I for one say YES!!
Kinda like I felt when Spike and Buffy first kissed.
I had been waiting like forever for Spuffy and man when it happened...uhhh..I better stop now, but anyway I think the kiss was great and Clark/Lana is going to be OVER anyway!!!!! I'm sorry that SDK has to get crap over it.
I did think it was odd though that ZOD/Lex would know who Lana was or even be interested, but then Lex must not really be 'dead'...he's just been integrated into ZOD, or whatever.

Hopefully JM will be in some episodes next season, but I hope he gets on some other shows or one of his own. If they want him back on SV I at least hope they realize they should use him in more scenes.
Oh, he might not have know who Lana was. It was probably just,"Wow, a hot girl. She totally wants me. I think I will kiss her now." Afterall he did say "You have your father's eyes" like it was his first time to see Clark.
Oh man,TGIQ was torn to shreds at The Bronze.The reaction was so angry that DeKnight was caught off guard at the poor and pissed off reaction.
"The biggest mystery for me is that they have this incredible guest star in JM soooo....use him already."

Amen to that. I just hope they paid him by the quality of his performance and not by actual screen time.
And what happened to the stuff from the previews with Lex clawing his way free of some blue snot and Braniac with the white background? Did I miss something after I nearly passed out after Fine appeared in the field looking extra fine and handsome in that suit?
Well picture me confused.

Something went terribly wrong with this episode. So Fine has been collecting blood all over the planet from sick people to cause a computer virus?


Honestly, they really lost me here. I feel kind of cheated too. I have been watching all season, for James, and thought at least they would use him in the finale to make the season worth my while, but no, about five minutes of Fine.

And a few weeks ago Lana is totally in love with Clark and now she can't believe she ever loved him?

And even Zod wants to make out with her? Almost funny.

Man I hope James has something else so I don't have to watch this anymore.

Xane, I'm with you, there.

YOu are right, that made no sense to me. It's like everything got changed, (and Glover did say they rewrote the entire finale the day before) but really you have to tie in what you had before.
I saw a trailer of Smallville S5 on TV the other day. Ordinarily I don't watch the show, but now I want to because of James.
It only kinda made sense.

It was all worth it for the Chloe kiss though. I know it doesn't mean anything in the long run, but it was fun. I've been wondering why Clark doesn't wake up and date the chick already. She's hot, she's smart, she already knows his secret.
YES! Chloe and Clark FOREVER!!!
I'm going to go on record and say that I think Clark and Lana are by far the most boring couple I've ever had the displeasure of watching on television, so I'm glad they are finally changing up the show's dynamic a little bit this season.

With that said, this finale was imo by far the show's worst ever (which is too bad, since they have a pretty good track record with their finales.) It's too bad, since I think this season was one of the show's best.

Count me in with everyone who is pleased with the Clark/Chloe moment, I love Chloe with a fiery passion, one of the best characters on the series. I always found it kind of annoying that she was relegated to the background while the show's core relationships went through their motions.

As for JM, I always like him, but the way the Zod/Brainiac/Lex/Lana story went this episode kind of ruined what should have been a good storyline.

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