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May 11 2006

Xander and Cordelia Reunited. Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter are cast in an ABC movie of the week called Relative Chaos.

okay..that is the best thing ever. I hope they are playing a coouple and not brother and sister.(that would kill me)
Or a couply brother and sister, who like to play Star Wars.

Don't worry, there will be Ewoks, it'll be great for kids.
This may well top Fred and Jasmine on Alias, or Cordy and Willow on Veronica...actually it's probably not appropriate to get into that last scenario too deeply on this forum, ahem.

(sorry, couldn't help it)

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I'd like to see Cordy and Willow on top of Veronica. Who wouldn't?
If they are a couple, I see tons of brand new Cordy/Xander vids coming out..
This rocks! My money's on them being cast as bickering siblings... but darn it'd be fun for them to revive that high school closet love of theirs.
So great! Can't wait!! Cordy and Xander, together again!
They were funny when they were kissing, they were funny when they were fighting. They were just funny. They are my two favorite Buffyverse characters, and my favorite Buffyverse couple.
One should note that 'Relative Chaos' is going to air on ABC Family and not ABC.
Damn, there goes to the incest subplot.
Or gives a new meaning to "ABC Family." (That sounded less gross in my head than when I typed it out, ewww.) ;-)
Ok, billz wins at humour.
Omigod! That so *rocks*! And there's so many people to thank! *hears them play the "play-them-off" music as the microphone is cut off* ;-)
This is really nice news. Good stuff. Anyway if we can lay off the Abbott and Costello routine in this thread perhaps we can actually have a discussion about the movie.
*chastised* Er, sounds like a good movie! Yay Nick and Charisma! ;-)
...Anyone else notice that the show is credited as "Buffy and the Vampire Slayer?"

Is that latent misogyny since they just figured it wouldn't make sense since Buffy is a girl's name and she can't POSSIBLY be a slayer of vampires, or were they just too used to thinking "Beauty and The Beast?"
orangewaxlion - good catch. They should fix that.
This is so cool.
It'll be great to see these two together again.
Okay, I'll have to watch this...I adore, simply the two of them, seperately, but especially together (we just re-watched Season 3, which has both)...I've often wondered what Double O Zander (and he was headed in that direction in Season 6) would have made of Higher Being about roads not taken!

I will love seeing both of them together again!
Wow, this is great news. Sounds fun, though ABC Family movies have a tendency to, well, I'm not gonna get that pessimistic.

And darling twin billz, you need to work for the network. I'm sure they'd produce a lot more, um, interesting family dramas.
Always wanted to see an episode of Angel where Xander goes to L.A. for some reason and he and Cordy have a nice long chat about their past and each other's present. It would have been neat to see them discover how the other changed.
Heh, UnpluggedCrazy, you can bet the first movie I'd make if I worked at the network would be Spike: The Serenity Years (where Wash and Book come back as vamps), followed by Blackadder 2525 (co-starring Gina Torres, of course) and Couch-Surfing with Josh Wheldon, where each week Jah Sweden and his wife Jewel Staite give a live commentary on their current favorite shows from other networks. Up this week: a double-bill of HIMYM and VM; next week, Slither.

Nooooooo! Help me, my twin -- I've gone evil again. *laughs in a very, very evil way* ;-)
... but darn it'd be fun for them to revive that high school closet love of theirs.

After watching season 2 Veronica Mars, I'm really hoping she's over that whole high school boy phase. Well any future character CC plays. "There's an ick factor."
let me just say...
honestly, this is amazing!!
charisma AND nicky in a movie!!!! AHHH!
It will be so great to see them together again! :)
Hey billz, if being evil means being on a creative high, I'm afraid you won't find me damning your evilness. ;-)

*channels Army of Darkness*

"I may be bad...but I look gooooooood."
Evil -- like awesome! ;-)

Yay Army of Darkness! There's never enough Bruce Campbell in the world. Hey, to bring this on-topic, he would be great in this movie as Nick's goofy dad or uncle or something. *laughs like an evil network suit again* ;-)
Wow. Bruce as Nick's wacky pop. I would personally fund that movie myself.
Twins *rule*, dude! We are so making the Nick-and-Bruce movie! ;-)

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