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March 26 2003

No Angel wildfeed summary this week? According to Angel's Acolyte "AtS did not air in Canada on Tuesday night which accounts for the lack of wildfeed this week."

Some people are saying that Canada may now be a week behind the States in viewing Angel, if thats the case then there may not be any more wildfeed summaries for the rest of the season.

So, how do the WB stations get Angel episodes without a wildfeed? are they on some wavelength that satellites can't access? Seems like there ought to be a US feed as well.
You mean I have to watch it AFTER it airs in America? I'm not sure I can deal with the disappointment...
I asked Leoff (Buffy wildfeed god and a really nice guy as well) about this and he said

"Now, mind you I'm not positive on how all this works, BUT the wildfeed transmissions that are a day and a half early for Buffy and Angel are mainly for the Canadian television stations, as those stations 1) show the episode a day earlier usually, and 2) May not have the more up to date, standardized digital recievers for their c-band satellite systems to decode the true network feed.

WB most likely gets their feed live, direct from Fox, at the time of the network airing. This feed can be accessed, but it is probably a "digital" feed that can be scrambled unless you have the proper authorization codes or whatknot."
...and what's the point of descrambling a live feed when you can watch the episode on tv simultaneously? :-|

Thanks for checking, Simon. I'm totally clueless about TV and satellite technology - this is all very interesting.
I just called the station that shows Angel here in southern Ontario on Tuesdays and they said: they would be showing it next week, we will be be running a week behind the US. There is another station (Space) that shows it on Thursday so hopefully...
Someone wrote this at abmb-v-s:

"According to a local mailing list I'm on here in Toronto, the issue was that the WB told NewVR that they are no longer allowed to air it before it first airs on the WB (somebody actually called the station when they saw the TV listings for that night). Thus, Players isn't scheduled until next Tuesday, so now the airing on Space on Thursday will be the first airing in Canada."
The wildfeed did finally go out, but not until Tuesday afternoon, just in time for the various WB stations to air it.

As far as Canadian stations being a week behind . . . Since both the WB (on Wednesdays) and Space (on Thursdays) air new episodes of Angel, I would bet that NewVR will play catch-up rather than keep its viewers back.
Thursday nite - Space is showing a rerun too - I checked their schedule and "Players" is scheduled for April 3rd.
GrrArggh. Staying Spoiler free is going to be torture.

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