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May 11 2006

A Buffy Animated joke courtesy of Jane Espenson. And just for good measure, here's another.

Don't suppose these scripts will ever see the light of day. For me as a Buffy fan, reading them would be the equivalent of listening to previously unheard Beatles songs.

So Dear 20th Century Fox, publish the scripts in a book and make me a happy bunny.

Or let Dark Horse at them to make comics with some of their animation-style artists.
Oh I hadn't thought of that. Good call. That would be very cool.
I love reading Espenson's blog. I learn something new everyday --- usually about writing, but occasionally of where not to eat in L.A. hehe

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I have my moments. Not many of them, but I do have them.
God, I love Jane. She's so funny and smart. I strive to be a woman like her!

So, about this animated series. I know it never aired, but are their really scripts boxed up somewhere? I would love to see these published either in a book or a comic. Maybe they're holding on to them in case they ever grace our televisions.
Here's what I want to know: what model of DVD/VHS did she finally get that works great? And what kind was it that "was a bulb shaped like 'loading'" (LMAO)?
I'm thinkin' it was a JVC that didn't cut it.

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I'm glad you confirmed my thinking, m'cookies. So, then, what's the good one?
I strive to be a woman like her!

I strive to date meet a woman like her.
Ooh, I like the Dark Horse comic idea. Or just publish the scripts in book form. Or make audio dramas and skip the animation entirely. Sure, lots of "swish" and "pow" noises would be needed for the fight scenes but it could stil be really good.
willbueche, that's not a bad idea; I had never thought of audio-dramas. It depends on the script, naturally; a lot of expository dialogue would probably have to be added to some of them. I think the comic book idea is probably the best option, if the shows can't be produced--but of course Buffy's dialogue is sharp enough and the scoring strong enough that I could just listen and enjoy it greatly.
Oh, how I long for this series.

Craig Oxbrow...dude, write to Dark Horse. Please.
Wow. I went in for the jokes, and left with writing knowledge. Thanks, Jane.

I'd love a comic version of this. I just met some people a few weeks ago that work on Teen Titans Go! and the upcoming Degrassi novels, and they seem like they'd be the sort to go to for this....
So, about this animated series. I know it never aired, but are their really scripts boxed up somewhere?

Yeah, there were at least six scripts completely completed (see Buffy Animated at wikipedia). I think it's such a shame this never got made & would also love to see it it comic format or perhaps even a scriptbook.
Thanks so much for the link, Simon. And I like your idea *best*. I'm just not as into comics as so many here are. :) I do buy them now, 'cause, you know, 'sall we got of the 'verse right now. But I'm just a word person. Scripty goodness for these, please! Plus I really want for Simon to have some "happy bunny" time.

And I, too, really enjoy Espenson's blog. When she apologized for using so many Buffy examples but explained she did it because she has them all in her computer and is so familiar with them, my brain just sort of went on vacation. I mean, what would that be like?? Having all those Buffy scripts in your computer because you'd created (or helped to create) them! *Turns green and takes a Time Out to stand in corner muttering.*

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Jane's. And, oh, yes, Simon, reading the scripts would be like "listening to previously unheard Beatles songs!"
a joke from an Animated Buffy episode.
These eps were written but never produced

If we can't see the series, I wanna see the scripts!
Someone leak them please, I promise I won't tell!
Turn them into comic books, something, anything!
Once again I have decided to display my ignorance for all to see. From what episode is the scene with Philip? Usually lines I have heard sound extremely familiar even if I do not know where I heard them. That one I have no recollection of at all. (Bad me.)

...And add me to the love JE's blog list.
newcj, that episode would be "Doublemeat Palace".
Ohhhhh. Thanks. Flashed right to it...which was not the most pleasant experience...but thanks just the same. ;-)
You know what would be cool,a book covering the un-produced Buffyverse.It could cover things like Buffy The Animated Series and Angel season 6.The Ripper BBC spin-off,the aborted Faith spin-off and the various concepts for the Slayer School idea and Dawn spin-off that were briefly considered.Also the DVD/T.V. movie ideas assuming they don't happen.

You could probably write a great book covering the stuff that didn't get made.
You could add to that list the unaired Angel script, Corrupt
Hi to all.
Just de-lurking for the first time, because I had an idea some time ago and I would like to know your opinion.
I think that, instead of realizing a comic book, JW and ME should produce "Buffy The Animated Series" and broadcast it through the net. They could allow the audience to download each episode for free, on the condition that they watch some advertisement first, then Joss could realize some extras and sell the DVD of the season.
So, what do you think about it?

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