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May 12 2006

Other people name-drop Buffy and Joss. A round up of whose bringing up Joss and the Buffyverse in interviews. First up, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence chats about Buffy's cult following. Then Rob Thomas briefly notes the difference between Buffy and Veronica Mars (spoilers for VM season 2). Brian K. Vaughan mentions Joss and Astonishing X-Men. And finally vampire authors Serena Robar and Mari Mancusi chat about their love of Buffy.

It seemed to make sense bunging all these links together.

Great bunch of links, ta Simon. Could I be cheeky and suggest a spoiler tag though ? The Rob Thomas one especially has a huge Veronica Mars spoiler in the first paragraph (i.e. before the interview) for those who haven't watched the last few season 2 episodes yet.

(i'm going to pick through the BK Vaughan one very carefully, while squinting, with one eye shut, just in case he says 'blah blah comics blah blah Joss blah blah and by the way Yorick is an alien' ;)

ETA: I no longer have anything to add ;)

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There's now a spoiler mention beside the relevant link as a heads up for people who don't want to be spoiled.

Earlier this year we did an air band episode, partly because we knew it would be really funny, partly because we knew we could release an air band video on the website. We came up with a story where we released Turk's cell phone number on one of the episodes with a real number, and then the cast and crew took turns answering it. We still occasionally answer it because, believe it or not, it still rings. It's very odd to me. I think it's when people get the DVD. So we answer it and talk to them.

Guh - that's so freakily cool!
On the Serena Robar interview. Never heard of her, but I wanted to say how cool it is to see episodes like Help and Wild at Heart show up on top ten lists.
Joss must feel proud to have his creation referenced so often.
IMO, anyone who took the time to watch BTVS would have no way to fight against becoming a loyal fan. It's that good. Joss has a way of sucking you in and keeping you there.
Great stuff.
As an American, I'm not sure if I should feel embarrassed to witness a public bunging like this. Great, er, bunged links, Simon!

I really, really like the Unified Theory of Nothing Much (there's been links to her site before), but it was a little hard to read -- did anyone else have trouble with the low contrast between the font color and the background color? (I had to highlight the text to read it.) I'm just sayin'.
I hesitate to ask but, go on then, what does 'bung' mean in the US ? I'm gonna go way out on a limb and assume something rude ;)

(over here it's just slang for 'throw' or 'place' e.g. 'Where do you want these incredibly fragile and valuable china dolls ?', 'Oh, just bung 'em in the back of the van' which is often heard between removals men ;)

Re: font colour, on Opera with standard settings it's greyish black text on a biege background, pretty stand-outy ;).
I will now take this opportunity to state that I love Scrubs. It's quite possibly my favorite "comedy" show ever.
Can't forget Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) and her love for Buffy.
And in other (not front page-worthy) news: I picked up the latest copy of Wired magazine for a plane flight earlier this week, and found, not one, but two Whedon references. The first was to a certain campaign to get more Firefly. The second, more throwaway, comment used "Buffy fan sites" as an example in a sidebar about, IIRC, introducing new ways of charging for Internet use. Good to see cultural references to Joss's stuff remain high.
Um. American here. I think I have only heard "bung" used rarely a long time ago in a way that does not make much sense in the context used here. To make it more confusing, it has British slang cannections in my mind, not American.

Soooooo...I guess I am of no help what so ever.

I have not had a chance to read all these links. Sounds like I have a little fun to look forward to.
A bung is a stopper inserted to seal a container of liquid, such a the cork in a wine bottle. The rude American association is from Beavis and Butthead, in which a certain excretory orifice was referred to as a bunghole. I had to look the last bit up as I never found B&B remotely amusing.
Isn't a "bung" (in the U.K.) also an illegal payment, particularly to the manager of a football team? Or so I seem to remember from tabloid newspapers of recent years . . .

And I never found Beavis and Butthead funny either. At all. It's not the toilet humor as such - Robot Chicken makes my stomach ache with the laughter, - but I think it was singularly uncreative and uninteresting.
I am so proud to be called one of his nerds.

Scrubs is the ONLY show on tv I am even loyal to, at the present state. Only thing I record, only thing I wont miss.

No show since Buffy has been so fufilling, EVERY single week. In the characters, writing, humor and drama. And one of the best things about it, is that it always seems to end with a moral. And somehow NEVER comes off as hokey.

I am forever grateful that Scrubs exists. I've been there since the very beginning, and it's helped me keep faith in tv after the Buffyverse ended. I only pray that something comes along to help me out when Scrubs eventually comes to an end.
It's just the hip and trendy thing to do. I myself quite shamelessly name-dropped Joss and Buffy in an interview last year. (Can't find the original link, but see the bold part highlight here...)

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Yeah, Saje, I was thinking of "bung" as in "bunghole," and I also occasionally hear it used as a verb of things going wrong, like "That got all bunged up." And as for the color scheme, peaceful beige background? *shakes head* My Mac/Firefox turns the background the color of blue of the decorative dishes in my grandma's bookshelves (if I don't lose all my street cred for saying this, I believe they're called Wedgewood dishes), and the font sort of medium gray. Very colorful, but unreadable! (I wonder why it does that?)
So many things to reply to... head about to explode...

Bunghole, if I'm not mistaken, was an old western term describing the hole in the barrel that the whiskey (and other fluids) is transported in. Think of it as the low-tech keg tap. The bung would be the cork or stopper as described above.

Scrubs is great TV. I'm happy the creators of that show give props to Joss. It seems to me the overall impact of Joss Whedon contributions to modern broadcast television in (the english speaking world, at least) is second only to the impact of reality TV. If/when a scripted drama is called "superbly written", chances are a Whedon-associated writer is somewhere on the staff. When that's not the case, the showrunners at least pay props to the man for raising the bar for such televised creations and demonstrating a show can be a success if and when it is allowed time to grow a core audience.

And finally Veronica Mars: what did everyone think of the season finale?

What a great VM season! What a great show! CW network if you're mining the blogs... Sign this show up, immediately!! Let Rob Thomas and Co. play for (at least) one more season! :)

[ETA: I invisibled the relevant VM potential spoilage for ya.]

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I love all of the Joss Whedon name-dropping.. especially from people like Rob Thomas and Brian K.Vaughn (who I love).

As for the Veronica mars finale... I had one major problem with it..

Sorry to go on and on.. it's still a fantastic finale.. and the second season was imo even better than the first. It just bothered me.

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Got to say that 'Scrubs' sounds like an unusually collaborative and fun environment to work in. I can't see too many other shows having the actors actively helping to compile the soundtrack. Bill Lawrence seems like a very genuine, funny guy as well.

I've often wondered about watching the whole of Buffy in a very short time (for the first run through I mean). It seems like it'd have the advantage she mentions of being very immersive but i'm not sure some of the arcs would seem as significant without the time spent in between episodes thinking about the previous week's shock finale or tiny foreshadowy hints of things to come. I know from re-watching Angel that a lot of momentous stories seem less impactful when watched close together (but more fluid). Obviously, I can never watch the shows for the first time in one contiguous block so maybe the slightly lessened effect is solely a product of re-watching (which would make sense too).

And yep, SoddingNancyTribe, bung is also a bribe or back-hander, often in sport (I think partly because slightly less formal language seems more acceptable when talking about footy, even in a newspaper). I suspect this usage may come from the 'throw' meaning (as in 'bung them some money'). Just speculatin' though ;).

We also have the 'bung as a sort of rubber cork' usage in the UK (and from that we might say we're 'bunged up with the cold' as in full of catarrh and just generally congested and feeling a bit 'meh') and I guess from there it's easy to get to Hjermsted's 'bunghole' as in 'a hole for a bung' and thence to billz's/B&B's 'bunghole' as in any other kind of orifice but especially the naughty kind ;). I partly brought it up because Mal describes the alliance as 'bungers' in Serenity and I wondered if that was pure Joss or if he'd taken a rarely used euphemism (in context I suppose it could stand in for 'fuckers' or 'wankers' or even 'bastards') and sent it Five Hunnndred Years Into The Future ! * hums Buck Rogers theme song then sheepishly stops when he becomes aware of the stares *. Anyyyway ... ;)
rabid, I agree with you exactly.


Hey, BTW, was that a shout-out to us when Logan snarked to Kendall,

Here's a big question from the last few eps I hope they address next season:

Overall, really it was a great finale, with a good cliffhanger (and it looks promising for Charisma to come back)! I have high hopes VM gets a new home at the CW. :-)
Saje, excellent recall of "bungers"! I could see "bung" as a substitute for the f-bomb, as in when I've heard people say "this is all bunged up." Thence, "bungers"=well, you get the idea. Unless "bungers"="buggers"+"bunglers"! ;-)

Or, do you think Joss (through Mal) might have meant that the Alliance plugs things up, like a bung/cork? Nah! They're f'ers! ;-)

(Note to self: Must type faster!)
rabid said about Veronica Mars:
As for the Veronica mars finale... I had one major problem with it..

I agree totally with you rabid. You are more articulate than I was when explaining the same point to a friend who gasped when I said I was disappointed with

And billz:

My added disappointment was that

Still love the show, and hope like hell it returns in the fall.

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Yes, ThereUR ("Eject, Buckaroo, eject!"), I thought the same thing as you regarding

I think this is why VM is so great, that people who all like or love the show can all find different things they like and things they dislike, but the balance is still very positive. That's like BtVS/AtS fandom -- some twists and turns rocked some fans and destroyed others (like Tara's death), and some events were interpreted in wholly different ways (like The Gift), but everyone still stuck around for more. :-)
Regarding the Veronica Mars finale.
However, in the end, it was still a 8.5/10 episode in a 9.5/10 season. I complain because I love.

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Word, rabid. :-)

And, without invisitext, I can spoiler-lessly say that Charisma *rocked*! Yay Charisma! :-)
billz: yup--if it didn't have depth and layers and interesting characters, what would there be to interpret, debate, and stew about? :)

rabid: I agree about the emotional connection

Glad to talk things out with you (hubby for some reason is Sooo not into VM :( )
BTW, you can always discuss VM (and other shows) over at It's nice to be able to do it here, but there isn't always a relevant link to do it under...
Well said, ThereUR! And now back to our regularly scheduled thread. ;-)
More name dropping, this time about James Marsters' Spike and how they miss the show.. From the Philadelphia inquirer..

And I'm trying a link, SNT.. (keep fingers crossed)

philadelphia inquirer .

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Yay for Brian K. Vaughn! While I haven't read my most recent issues of Runaways, it's a series I love. I picked it up after Joss sang praises and now I completely understand why he loves it so much. Fans of early Buffy would dig it. However, I can't imagine Vaughn not writing it. Hmmm.

ETA: I'm certain I heard "bung" used in American English to reference the naughty orifice before B&B, but I think B&B just made the term popular in the mainstream. At least for awhile.

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Just echoing Jam2's reminder - and in fact the discussion for the VM finale thread has (not surprisingly) been particularly active, with over 75 comments so far. Feel free to add to it! And no need to use invisotext there.

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