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May 12 2006

See 3 pictures from Gina Torres new show "Primary". With some luck, our "friends" from FOX will run it on order and won't cancel it after four episodes. Also features new show "Vanished" featuring the almost but not really Inara, Rebecca Gayheart.

Kerr Smith! Kerr Smith! Man from Alias! Man from Alias!
Gossi, my friends called that the reunion of Jacks.
Ron Livingston and Rosemarie DeWitt are both third from L in the same "Primary" picture. Methinks this show will have a Ben-is-Glory vibe.
nice one, Numfar. Gina looks amazing.
Gale Harold. w00t!
Gale Harold. w00t!

My thoughts exactly. Gina looks beautiful.
Definitely, both "yay Gina" for getting a new series, and Gina looks *smokin' hot*, dude (as always)! ;-)
Why do the people in those pics look like they're Photoshopped in?
Oh, and is that Carrie's boyfriend "Berger" from SITC?

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