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May 12 2006

Update on Equality Now event next week. Meryl Streep and her daughter (actress Mamie Gummer) will introduce Joss to the event this Monday evening in New York. Tickets available on the door or book online in advance, extra price for post-event private reception. There are some truly interesting people speaking at the benefit.

What an honor! Any chance they'll put this online? I'd love to hear her introduction. Go Joss!
Great event, and Joss is so deserving. I just hope Meryl Streep doesn't use the occasion to try to get her actress daughter the inside track to play Wonder Woman. I for one would find it difficult to refuse The French Lieutenant's Woman.
I wish I could go! My stupid Art History exam is the next day... so no trips to NYC for me! : (
Or I could skip it. Hmmmm something to think about.
"Special honoree" Joss Whedon. Wow! Double wow, in fact. I am so sincerely proud of him.
I just hope Meryl Streep doesn't use the occasion to try to get her actress daughter the inside track to play Wonder Woman.

hmmm...I hope not, too...especially considering Mamie looks NOTHING like the Amazing Amazon
That is so freakin' awesome. Wish I could be there.
I think there's literally about -4% chance Meryl would use the occasion to seriously pitch something to do with Wonder Woman.

I don't think I've publicly said it before, but I owe enormous thanks to the San Francisco Browncoats and Kirsty, who opened my eyes to the work Equality Now do. To be honest, Equality Now do exactly the kind of work I consider myself good at - organising people (I just can't, you know, organise myself), speaking out for change, taking direct action and thinking inside and outside the box. But their work is vastly more important than mine.
I second that notion, gossi. I found Equality Now through this site and in turn became immensely involved in the case. It motivated me enough to start an Equality Now club at my school. While we didn't accomplish nearly as much as I wanted to--I'm hoping to have been luck in college. Speaking of which, can you guess what my graduation gift from my parents is? (see you Monday Joss!!)
The coverage Equality Now got lead me to get involved in both keeping them visible to the Serenity community (you'd actually be amazed how many of the fans are brand new to the show/movie in recent months, and don't know the back story of the release - it's a testiment to the film operating on word of mouth on DVD), and (most importantly) to lend my technical skills to a project I haven't really told people about yet, but will hopefully involve the shutting down of some of he online child escort services -- which have literally run for years without government intervention.

Have fun, MySerenity!
Yay Joss! :-)

On a less serious note, Meryl Streep as Hipolyta? ;-)
MySerenity -- that is such a wonderful thing to hear. very best of luck in college, and have a blast @ NY!

gossi - you rock beyond the telling of it, but I think you already know that. ;)

A long term connection between Browncoats & Equality Now is so beautiful and perfect and *powerful*. Big, fat, glorious kudos to everyone who has gotten involved.
Good going Gossi!

And, while I'm sure Ms. Streep is way too cool to pitch Joss at a fundraiser and I don't know anything about her daughter, I could see her as one of the senior amazons, or whatever they're called. The lady does have a great sense of humor.
This must be what warm and fuzzy feels like. . .

Seriously, though, amen to the big, fat, glorious kudos - how wonderful!
Much kudos to Joss, who didn't start the concept, but who's work has lead to the collective whisper into the minds of people, leading to action.

Or something. Yes, I am slightly drunk.
I think this is fantastic. Congratulations, Joss. I only wish I could attend.
I hadn't read gossi's earlier (sober) post. Big, major, oversized, amazing props to you for helping fight some of these evil exploiters of women and children! Damn, dude -- you are Progressive!Chloe. ;-)
gossi, props to you for your good work. My earlier post re: Meryl Streep pitching her daughter was 100% joke, sorry I didn't phrase it so that was clear. I think the actual odds she would do that are even less than your -4%.

And your phrase "collective whisper" upthread would make an awesome name or title for something. Perhaps "Goners II: Collective Whisper".
Considering he was quoting Joss, I'd say that would be quite a fitting name :)

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