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"That's the kind of wooly headed liberal thinking that leads to being eaten."
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March 26 2003 review of 'Lies My Parents Told Me'. Was this episode worth the long wait?

I have one thing to say about the review. I miss Jeff Jensen. Lovinger's reviews are boring & trite. She seems obsessed with trying to figure out what happens next instead of actually dealing with what happened in the episode that just aired.
Looks like I'll be missing them altogether, soon. What's this BS about having to subscribe or be an AOL customer?
I'm afraid that's the direction the Web is going. Surfing the web costs people money. They wanna get registered users so they can prove to advertisers that there's a built-in steady audience. Then the web owners can charge more for ads. Or if they can find a way to get people to pay, they'd charge for access to the information on their servers. It's a gameplan that supposedly goes very well for some porn sites. I'm against it, because the original intent of the Internet is to allow information to be free. Charging for access to information defeats the purpose of the Internet, but the people who run the servers and offer that info DO need to put food on the table, otherwise they'll eventually be unable to keep up the support of the Web and then there'd be no Internet at all. It's a tough cookie. I'm afraid the honeymoon on the Net is long over. The ferryman wants to get paid.
The big problem with advertising on the web, is that nobody has yet to come up with a business model that actually works. People hate change, and business hates change tenfold more, so they're sticking to what works in other mediums, trying to shape the web (arguably the whole internet) around advertising. It won't work.

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