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"Adios to five hit points. Trogdor has badly wounded you."
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May 12 2006

Morena and Juliet at SFX Toronto - Sept. 1-3, 2006. Morena Baccarin and Juliet Landau are among the many guests announced for SFX Toronto. Alice Cooper will also be there. Should be interesting.

Inara! Dru! Kirk and Spock! That cute Gaius! Squeee!

Hopefully this will attract a lot of the NE and midwest fans. It may not be as star-studded a line-up as Dragon*Con, but it's a heck of a lot closer to us. I"ll swim across that border if I have to...
Dammit! I'm already going across states to Dragon*Con. This is what they call a "scheduling issue." Bah.
James Callis *drool, drool*
I'd love to meet Juliet. Wish I could go.

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