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May 12 2006

Early Reavers at the Prop Store. Concept drawings for Reavers in Serenity.

Sold now. But the item is still available for viewing.
That didn't last long!
I once had a nightmare about Reavers. Bloody scary.
That is sweet. Wish I could've taken it home.
As a side note about that, someone once asked on our podcast whether there were any female reavers. One neat thing about the prop store is that it's an information resource in a fandom that has a woefully small information base: there has been at least one female reaver costume up for sale. So that answers that question.
Nice to know, erico.

We need a trilogy and a few dozen novels, plus a lucrative toy line and many comic books so that we can have a huge wealth of information. But I'll leave the prequels out, 'cuz I know a lot of people get techy about that kind of stuff.
That's it! I'm re-naming the cutlery drawer "Reaver Cleavers" :)

Now for the saucepans.........

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