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May 12 2006

Marti Noxon's drama gets ABC greenlight. Noxon will be one of two executive producers for the multi-generational drama,"Brothers and Sisters", which stars Calista Flockhart and Rachel Griffiths.

Nice cast for Noxon's show.
Is this the show with Ron Rifkin?
In this same article, in the paragraph following Marti Noxon's name, there is a write-up of "Men in Trees" starring Anne Heche and Abraham Benrubi. Isn't he the one who played Olaf, Anyanka's former, troll-ish boyfriend? Or am I having another hallucination?
SangChaud, no head trip for you, he is the same fellow. Now for trivia: Abraham's father Asher is a legendary and immensely popular former-deejay now talk-show-host in St. Louis. He goes by the name "Smash", also sings all around the area with the the Smash Band, and spends more time every week donating his time to charitable endeavors than most people do working. Quite the fellow.
I hope Calista has had a few good meals before getting back in front of the camera.
I think with some direction, Marti is a great writer. Hope this works out for her.
I don't Marti needs any direction, she seems to be doing rather well on her own.

Jane loves Marti.
Isn't Marti the showrunner on this? Not just a writer? Go Marti. I'll be tuning in. ABC seems to be shaping up another season that is can't miss TV.

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