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May 13 2006

Brian Lynch Writes Spike: Asylum. Lynch writes IDW Publishing's newest Angel/Spike comic book.

Hollywood's Brian Lynch, who wrote the extremely unknown View Askew produced movie Big Helium Dog, will be teaming up with Italian artist Franco Urro to bring this series to life.

First issue is expected to hit store shelves this coming September.

Nice. I've heard that these IDW books have picked up majorly in quality since Angel: The Curse and Spike: Old Times, so I think that I shall be picking this one up.
Artwork for the comic book. IDW sure are firing on all cylinders on their Angel range.
I love how my favorite character gets alot of attention in the comicbook world.
I own all three one-shots of Spike, and am awaiting more issue's of the fantastic Spike vs Dracula series.
And now we get another Spike mini-series that starts september. I can't wait.
More Spike! Squeee!!!
Do we know where this will be placed, continuity-wise.

And hey, at least ONE big entity notices there is still interest in this universe...that's something I guess!
Keep on bringing the Spike comics and I will buy.
This is slightly off-topic, but I joined Support yahoo web group (it's on the left of that link if anyone's interested, I think you might need a yahoo email address or account first if you want to instantly join, else signing up takes a few mins).

I am pushing for a new campaign by to try and encourage a green light on the pitch Whedon gave to Fox for the Spike movie.

What do peeps think of a mass-sending of postcards to arrive at Fox building on Whedon's birthday, June 23rd (so they will need to be sent a few days ahead of that date) all supporting Spike movie &/or the Buffyverse in general? Members of that yahoogroup are currently in debate about how a new phase in the site should go.

The webmaster said that she was possibly willing to update the site, and has asked for new postcard ideas since the ones on the site have now been in use for months. If there are any artistically skilled Whedonesquers, nows your chance :) I came up with this using the Spike Asylum #1 cover: Spike movie campaign postcard idea.
I never understood the negative criticism of Spike:Old Times, I thought that was a fantastic read. To be honest, I thought the first two Angel miniseries were pretty badly written, but all the spike stuff thus far has been good to great (I love Spike Vs. Dracula.)
Paxo man...I love the campaign idea...but I am afraid the card using this picture might face copyright issues. So I think we would need another card, unless there is permission to use this image.
Does anyone know anything on this???
I think I can help get Spike fans behind a Spike movie--for one last hurrah. The "focus on one day" is a good idea.
I thought the postcard copyright issue wouldn't matter since the campaign wouldn't be making money, but it seems im probably wrong.. Local postcards maybe just as useful as well since then Fox could see it was getting responses from all across USA/UK? We'll see when updates what it advises..

Whats really important is that postcards get sent by those fans who normally wouldn't bother with the effort not what's on them.

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I'll be happy to join in a postcard campaign to ask for a "Spike" movie. I'm off now to the comic book store to pick up my new Spike comic and also a Spike versus Dracula one that the owner just put "in my file" on spec. After that,I'll have lots of time while I sit and wait on word that James has gotten a role that is worthy of his talent to pester Fox execs...what??!! Everybody needs a hobby!
I'm up for another round of post-card ampaigning.
I'm loving all the Spike interest in the comics! This new series sounds like it's going to be good. Even though the synopsis and the cover both seem indicative of Buffy season 7, we know it can't be. So, I wonder if it's set Angel season 5 or post NFA.
Totally agree that Angel: The Curse wasn't up to par yet the recent Spike comics have been much better. I liked the Illyria comic more than I didn't like it. The story was better than the artwork. Of all the recent comics, the Spikes are the best.

Sort of related: Based on all good comments on Whedonesque, I'm finishing Spike & Dru: Pretty Maids All in a Row right now. Taking into account it's non-canon, it's the best non-canon Buffyverse story out there, imho. (It's a tie-in novel, if you're wondering.) Spike is so Spike. Dru is so Dru. I like that the writer, Christopher Golden, just tells a good story and doesn't try to emulate Joss' style. It's an adult story and of much higher quality than the other non-canon novels I've read. I found the hardcover on Amazon for 4.98 + shipping and it was money well spent. If you're looking for a good, long Spike story and don't mind one that's not canon, I TOTALLY recommend this one. There are a few interesting big bads, lots of names you've heard before, and a very appealing Slayer. I don't want to be too specific and spoil anything for anyone. If you haven't read it yet, forget the others out there and dig up this one. Sooooo worth it.
paxo man...maybe we could ask they guy who is writing the comic for permission to use the image. There are some cards on Support Spike in the file section or photos I think...but those cards were made from Screen caps and the like. The problem with this picture may be that it is new and not officially released until it is it may be a problem as such.

Again...I do not know so if there is anyone out there....SIMON...I'm hoping you maybe....that can help us...please give us some info.

Also I think this whole topic once it gets formulated into a plan should be a thread well as at other sites.
If each fan just sent 10 or so cards...or more if you are so FOX I hope they will not ignore that message!!!!

Again...thanks for reviving the effort, and I'll send as many cards as I can write and put stamps on.
Unless they fudge it a little like the first Spike one-shot where it was set in season 6 of Buffy but not in Sunnydale.They set it in L.A. even though Spike wasn't supposed be in L.A. at that point.

A lot of readers were confused if it was in late season 6 or Angel season 5 due to Spike saying he was in L.A. to annoy someone.Peter David admited they had to sort of vague things up on that front.

This might be sort of like that deal.It could be set in between season 6 and 7 and just not deal with the Buffy/Sunnydale factor by playing it vague.
Regarding the continuity of the comic, head on over to the continuity section on the "Spike:Asylum" wikipedia article. Chris Ryall (Editor-in-Chief at IDW) says that the story could take place before or after Not Fade Away, the story does not properly reveal the timing (hows it gonna fit into the wiki-Buffyverse chronology?)).

Regarding the postcard issue. I was thinking about asking for permission to use the art for the upcoming campaign, but the artist, Franco Urro is Italian and I'd have no idea how to get in contact with him. He only has one google hit when his name is put in speech marks. Won't most people be using other post cards any way though, I don't even think my printer prints out on card?
Here is the relevent part.

Chris Ryall the Editor in Chief of IDW Publishing said this about the continuity of the comic:

"The one restriction we have on all these stories is that we can't explicity say "hey, THIS is exactly what happened after that apocalyptic fight in the alley in the series finale." That's a story only Joss wants to tell (rightfully so), so we can elude to the fact that our books take place at some point after that, but can't just say it.
The beautiful thing about Brian's idea is that it doesn't make any difference when it's set. It works great without being dependent on any particular moment in time. Spike's not a ghost like in the opening of Angel Season 5, but otherwise, doesn't matter when this one happens."[1]

Thanks for finding that,paxomen.
I've actually seen "Big Helium Dog". Twice, in fact. It's been shown at Kevin Smith's Vulgarthon film festival at least a couple times. It's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Sadly, even in 2000, when I first saw it, some of the jokes were a bit dated, hysterical, but dated (taking shots at early 90s pop culture). Which I think is why it was never released on DVD.

I haven't read much of Lynch's comic book work. He did write that Monkeyman strip for, which was usually pretty funny. If I remember correctly, he even did a Joss themed strip once.

For me, the only good ANGEL/SPIKE comics have been the ones written by Peter David. I really enjoyed the Illyria one-shot that was released this week and Spike vs. Dracula has been great so far.
Well I thought 'Angel: Old Friends' was good in parts though the ending was rushed and the story was maybe a bit slight. 'Spike: Old Times' however was, IMO. really good. Totally captured his voice, very nicely drawn with an appropriately emotive pay-off at the end. The setting was pretty vague (I actually thought it was post-NFA the first time I read it) but that didn't detract from my enjoyment. I reckon it's a testament to the complexity of the character that it could have been post-NFA/ensoulment and still been consistent.

Must say though that I think Spike vs Dracula is the best Spike/Angel comic i've read so far and i'll greatly miss Peter David's contributions to the verse (IMO, it would be the best Buffyverse comic full stop if not for 'Tales of the Slayers').

(bought the Illyria spotlight and 'Lost and Found' but not read them yet and though i've not read any Brian Lynch stuff this new series seems promising, the art especially being pretty good looking)
I enjoyed the Illyria comic too. I just got it today. My comic store is holding any Angel comics for me, this is a major change in my life, I haven't read comics until just recently and now a comic store is holding comics for me. I am converted and Peter David has found a new fan.

April I agree with you that the artwork wasn't that impressive for the Illyria on shot, but I really liked the story. I too was dissapointed with Angel - The Curse.

I haven't been reading Angel - Old Friends. Has anyone been reading it? Is it better than The Curse?
Yeah it's a shame Peter David can't write anymore .verse comics.I have his entire Supergirl run and I'm currently reading his new Spider-Man series.I'm a comic collector and have been for about 15 years now and so I've been going to my shop for all those years.They hold whatever I want.

I only read selective issues of the Dark Horse Buffy/Angel comics.Stuff like Fray,Tales of the Vampire and things like that.I like IDW's presentation of the material more.Just from a pure format standpoint.They are more expensive but I think the quality is higher then Dark Horse for the most part.
Why is Peter David stopping writing verse comics?
He signed an exclusive contract with Marvel Comics which means he can't work for another comic company.The only comic work he can do outside Marvel is his Fallen Angel book at IDW.He created it so he has a special clause that lets him do that.Everything else though is Marvel exclusive.
Cheers for explanation. That's a real shame, I've been really enjoying David's work.
I haven't read much of Lynch's comic book work. He did write that Monkeyman strip for, which was usually pretty funny. If I remember correctly, he even did a Joss themed strip once.

Ah yes, that was really funny.
I've never seen any of Lynch's work, but I've read some of his scripts. He wrote a draft of an unmade Muppet movie a few years back, and seems to have turned out a bunch of other scripts that never got made too.

Cool to see him doing this.
I just wished IDW shipped their comics better outside the US.
I want to get them, but they're already expensive enough, so I'm not really interested in getting more trouble by trying to get them directly, but I'm definetely having some trouble getting them through my usual comic shop.

Haven't gotten any of the Spike comics yet, and nothing from "Old Friends" either.

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