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May 13 2006

(SPOILER) Pics of Alexis Denisof from the 'How I Met Your Mother' finale. Awesome side parting.

No doubt we'll have a discussion thread for this episode on Monday as it features not one, not two but three Buffyverse alums. And that's damn cool in my book.

Helmet hair! Or is it a hair helmet? ;-)
Who's the third alum?
Amy Acker.
Did anybody else see the last episode?

I was slightly worried at first, because it kept trying to be funny, and failing. But then, there were two moments in it which really reminded me why I love this show.

Moment one: Alyson's character Lily has doubts about marriage, she finally confesses. But then she starts to break down about it. Actual acting, humour went out the window for a few minutes, and it *rocked* in terms of drama

Moment two: Ted's dream sequence. Music, no words, glances between two characters for a minute, at which point it returns to reality. I've no idea why I loved that, but I did.

There's this whole angle in the show of reaching 28, and do you throw all those hopes and dreams you had when you were single out the window and get married.. It's a good angle for a show. Plus, they had a cockrock mouse hybrid living in their flat. Long live cockamouse!
Sheesh! When did Amy find the time to guest star on yet another show while trying to knock off Sydney Bristow??
I really enjoyed Aly's drama scene in last week's episode, too. When watching it, inside I was thinking "OH WILLOW!! YOU'RE BACK!". But yes, this show is so damn great. It never misses a beat in humor (IMO).

Even though I've got them all on tape, I am waiting for the darn DVDs to start spreading this show around (because people cant seem to make time for it now... GRR ARG!)
Alexis has been so freakin' hilarious on this show, his last appearance I couldn't even breathe I was laughing so hard. He's been just absolutely wonderful. And Aly, well, I just love her.

I love this show, too. It cracks me up.
Alexis is looking marvelous. Whether this show success or not, I wish the best for Aly and Alex. Great kids!
Alexis is looking especially yummy in those pics.

I hope he finds something of his own soon.
Paris? Is that you? ;)
Fantastic! Perhaps I'll finally hear his real American accent.

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