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May 14 2006

Surprise surprise guest at the last ever Starfury Angel con. Jonathan Woodward made a surprise appearance at Not Fade Away, the last ever Starfury Angel con, in London on 13 May.

Jonathan (one of the few actors to have appeared in Buffy, Angel and Firefly, and who played Knox in AtS) , joined the Fancy Dress parade, disguised in a Numero Cinco wrestler's mask, and revealed his true identity to a rapturous reception.
He wasn't expected AT ALL, and we had already been presented with two unannounced guests (Vincent Kartheiser and Keith Szarabajka), and a long film of Jonny showing us round his garage in LA and telling us wistfully how much he wished he could be there with us.
Jonathan is a Starfury favourite and this is his 4th Starfury con.
So fantastic joy all round, and we are looking forward to a Communion service with the Reverend Jonny Wallet this (Sunday) morning.

If there are any reports about this online, it would be good to link to them instead of the generic con site.

Just as a reminder, when you make a post, finding web content should come first: i.e. 'I've found this cool thing *online*, I wish I could share it with people...'
Gods, make me even *more* sorry I'm not there, why don't you?
Any pics yet?

But what a fantastic moment! Just when you thought it was all over.... a generous gesture from Mr Woodward which will not be forgotten.

Dammit! He deserves his own series.... and possibly a set of commemorative plates.
*sigh* I love him.
Sounds like much fun. It would have been cool to get snaps of Vince and Keith together. Seems like a pretty reasonable cost for the weekend too, considering the guests and activities.
So envious over here. Love him. I recently watched CWDP just for him.
Man the boy has stamina! He left Australia last Wednesday, and straight to the Starfury after doing ours, and hanging out with us last Sunday night. He sure is a sweetheart!
Any pics yet?

I will put up some Con pics on my site as soon as I can. Also I want to add that the Kane acoustic set on Saturday night was awesome. Unfortunately I couldn't stay for Andy's karaoke on Sunday. I swear there were a few tears from guests and attendees alike at the closing ceremony.

An amazing convention, and the Revd did not hold communion but we did have a mass hypnosis session instead......
So obviously this isn't a definitive, but I read a con report that had Amy Acker saying a version(or snippet or concept) of the (mostly) unlikely Spike movie that she read had Gunn So huh...
Uh. Uhm. Hee. Amy doesn't really work for the CIA, then.

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