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March 26 2003

(SPOILER) David Greenwalt on the future of Angel. Some interesting indications about possible directions for the show should it be renewed, along with information about Miracles as well.

I could certainly deal with two more years of interesting storytelling, not to mention the addition of a Buffy regular. Hmm...

(Going back into spoiler-free mode now.)

Hello! Two things jumping out here...

On moving the Angel Inc's HQ: "the notion is of them going to a place that is more like an advertising agency, lots of glass and light. "

On the new direction of the show: "We'd put the characters in a new situation, both financially and physically. It's all about us saying, 'OK, you've been on the Greenpeace ship saying, " Hey, Shell Oil is bad." What happens if you actually have to go work for Shell Oil? What happens if you had to be on the inside, grow up, get a real job?'"

Edited to add: I think Angel Inc is going to morph into the new version of the Watcher's Council. Wesley the rogue Watcher becomes the carrier of the flame... that's very similar to Greenwalt's analogy. Plus, it would keep the Slayer mythology alive without a Slayer show on the air.

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Greenwalt's analogy would better fit that they work for Wolfram & Hart. I'm not sure how that would work though.
**DOUBLE-TAKE** Possible Buffy-verse regular?

[tugs on the Hip Boots of Deep Speculation]

Xander denies. Buffy, Spike, Giles = unlikely. Willow! Dawnie! Wood! Clem! *gak* Andrew-Anya-Kennedy

Now that was a tantalizing tidbit of insufficient data.
While Willow (Hannigan) is a possibility simply due to her personal life, she talked about Buffy running its course and it being time to move on before SMG made her decision. Anya (Caufield) talked of plans to move on whether Buffy continued or not. I think Dawn is perhaps the most logical choice. However, Clem or Andrew would be quite welcome in my heart.
Heh, if Dawn crossed over, all the Dawn/Connor shippers would jump for joy. But I for one would like to see how Angel, Wes, and the rest of the (mostly) mature MoG would interact with the highly immature Andrew. There could be some comedic cold in there somewhere.
Whoa - that's some news and it all sounds exciting. If they get picked up. They are going to get picked up. They are.

Are they?
As I commented in an earlier thread, Emma, ASH & SMG are definitely out for the short term. Alyson Hannigan would only hop on board if Whedon was hands-on and I'm guessing he's gonna check his receding hairline and the added wrinkles on his brow, and opt to let more people take lead positions with Angel as time wears on. So Hannigan will probably do occasional guest spots and not much else. Although, with her future hubby on Angel, she might be keeping her options open. Personally I think Willow'd be better on her own series. Though her recent appearance was fun, she's too much like Fred. If Willow joins Angel, I think Fred would become a casualty within the season.

Likewise, Xander's got too much in common with Gunn. They're both "normals" with lots of "field experience." Hands on guys. They can both take things apart and put them back together. Only difference is, Gunn doesn't get thrown across the room quite as often as Xander does. As for the rest... Dawn, Andrew, Clem, Spike, Wood, and whatever Potentials survive are all open to speculation. If there's not going to be a new series this fall, almost anything can happen in Angel Five.

As for plans to put Angel in a place with lots of glass & light, I hope they mean fluorescent. Otherwise Angel would be walking around in a hood and gloves all the time. I also don't like the idea of such a dramatic change. Reminds me of the last season of Buck Rogers. The show was already dropping in ratings and hadn't been all that hot in the first place. To try and salvage it, the writers decided to get Buck Rogers off Earth and in a spaceship with some weird alien guy allegedly evolved from birds. That worked. ..not! Another example is MASH. After a very long run, MASH called it quits, but a spinoff called "AfterMASH" was attempted. It focused on Potter, Klinger, and Mulcahy back in the states, helping to run a Veterans' hospital. Even with a visit by Radar, the show lasted less than one season and was in the end something that should have never been attempted.

Dramatically altering the direction of Angel is a risky endeavour, and that's putting it mildly. Doing so could cause many of the series' cult following to fall away, feeling somehow cheated. New viewers will be hard to attract, if the results of the new look and feel to the show appear to be done because of focus groups and rating trends.
"Dramatically altering the direction of Angel is a risky endeavour, and that's putting it mildly. Doing so could cause many of the series' cult following to fall away, feeling somehow cheated. New viewers will be hard to attract, if the results of the new look and feel to the show appear to be done because of focus groups and rating trends."

Well, dramatically altering the direction and mission of the show certainly worked for Alias. In fact, viewership is up after radically removing situations, locations, and organizations in an attempt to change the direction and focus of the show. My first instinct upon hearing Greenwalt's comments was that Angel Investigations would take over for Wolfram & Hart, not as a demon law firm, but in an attempt to balance the scales as it were. And it would certainly fit with Greenwalt's Greenpeace-Shell analogy. After four wonderful years, it is risky but I feel the show needs a huge overhaul or revamp if it is to continue for another couple of years.

I agree though that there's no need for Fred if Willow joins the cast full-time...
Change is risky, but given that I think the show has survived interesting smaller changes well, I think it's worth it. The end result could be rather intriguing, and if I trust anyone to do that, it's Mutant Enemy. Pushing the envelope is a good thing.
Alias is still on the air? *shudder*

Well now that Wolfram & Hart's toast, something's gonna have to replace it. That something could very well be Angel Investigations. The goal could be to make agreements with evil, compromising with evil and using political negotiations and brinkmanship to discourage evil factions from harming anyone Angel and his friends directly care about but letting them do terrible horrible things to third world nations and... No wait, that's the United Nations, which makes for terribly boring television. I prefer AI just skulking about the hotel and beating up on ugly evil things when they're not doing the soap opera thing.

Personally I'm still praying for a spinoff focusing on Dawn, Xander, and an undead Johnathan, with occasional appearances by Willow, Spike, and anyone else they can get on the set long enough to film them. Xander thinks he doesn't have any special abilities, but I think he's a luck magnet. When things go well for him, things go bad for someone close to him. It's like he sucks luck from others to keep himself alive. Dawn's really the key to open alternate realities. She's really just a green glowing orb of energy. I still think there's a whole lot that can happen there, and the chemistry between Trachtenberg & Brendon on camera is palpable. I don't mean romantically of course. I think they just work incredibly well together. I could write up a story premise for a new spinoff featuring Xander & Dawn which would have shades of Quantum Leap, Sliders, X-Files, VR-5 and Strange Luck. It'd kick major butt, but I'd probably be the only person who would wanna watch it.

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