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May 14 2006

NBC loses 'Conviction'. The network pulls the plug on J. August Richard's new show.

This is too bad. I was just starting to like it. I feel bad for J. August. I hope someone else has their eye on him (not in the creepy way) for a pilot!
Anyone know when the CW lineup is announced?
This Thursday.
From the first episode it was obvious it was gonna be canceled... too much character, too little action, and a woman with god-forbid imperfect skin!... networks don't keep stuff like that.
and a woman with god-forbid imperfect skin!... networks don't keep stuff like that.

The downfall of having HD.

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That article left a little room for hope that it's not quite a done deal ... although this last episode felt to me like it was aired out of order, never a good sign. I really like the show--I thought it was a great mix of procedural and character drama.
I used to be a huge NBC fan. After Joss ruined me on the rest of television, I couldn't watch NBC shows anymore. They all suddenly seemed so boring. Too bad for J. August. Surely he'll find more work soon.
Conviction is a great show, far more engaging and dramatic than the other Law & Order shows, regardless of what TNT "we know drama" would have you think.
Well we know one show the CW has commited to, 7th Heaven. Which orignally ended it's run on the WB a week ago and was suppose to be the much publized series ending but the CW has other ideas. There is actually a verse connection to the show now, Sarah Thompson "Eve" had joined the cast in this past season.
Quite honestly, I watched the first episode on iTunes and I was just not impressed. The characters didn't grab me. I was pulling for it to be successful though, but I think the problem was that it was compared to Law and Order, and it wasn't supposed to be another L&O spinoff.
My intial impressions of it were not so favourable, but the episodes were starting to improve and the chracters became more interesting/endearing. Shame to see it go after just one season. The attitude of "be a smash hit after episode one or you're axed" has taken over. I wish new shows were still given a little time to find their footing.
I wish new shows were still given a little time to find their footing.
Exactly. I really hate the attitude that it has to be perfect immediately or it's axed - it takes time to find the character, rhythm, et cetera.

I also dislike the attitude that says a show that lasts "only" 3 or 4 seasons is a failure. Pffft - can't please anyone these days.
There is a rumor floating around that the CW might pickup Invasion. We will see on Thursday when the CW announce there fall schedule, hopefully Invasion and Veronica Mars will both be on it.
I thought I read somewhere the other day that this show was doing well. I feel bad for J. I hope he gets do something better in some other show, soon.
I'm really hoping for Invasion getting a pickup on the CW. I'm one episode away from the end of season one now and I really want to see a second season. Way too good a show to end so soon. In fact, with the exception of Supernatural (not the world's greatest show but definately enjoyable) Invasion has been the only decent series to come out of this season's batch of new series.

Regarding Conviction, bad news for JAR but I won't lose any sleep over the loss of yet another courtroom/lawyer series. In fact I think there are at least two more in the pipeline for next season so those who like that kind of thing will have plenty to keep them entertained, I guess.

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