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May 14 2006

Gina Torres cast in Chris Rock comedy. Gina Torres will co-star in the big-screen comedy "I Think I Love My Wife" alongside Chris Rock (who will also direct) and Kerry Washington.

Cool for Gina, a movie and a series, keeping busy.

ETA: After I posted I realized it was not a sitcom but a movie. This time of year it is to confusing.

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Hooray for Gina! Looks like her star is rising fast. RavenU, it probably won't film until hiatus time. Rock is also involved in a show that will most likely be on next fall. I can't imagine CW not picking it up.
Well, Raven, it's a movie, so she'll be shooting it over the summer and then start work on Primary in the fall. I edited my post slightly to clarify that it's a movie and not a TV series.

All in all, that's great news for Gina, looks like she has a busy year ahead of her.
A very pleasant surprise. And now that Chris Rock is loosely related to the 'verse, maybe we'll see him pop up as Jubal Early's obnoxious cousin in the inevitable sequel, "Snakes on Serenity."

I actually posted about this movie in my blog a couple of months back which I'm ot going to pimp right here and now, partly because I fear it may be against protocal, and also as it didn't really have a lot of new news in it -- I basically just marvelled that anyone had an interest in remaking an Eric Rohmer film in the current environment.

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Yay! Great to see her landing more roles, I love her onscreen presence.
Go, Gina! That is great new for her. A series and a movie? She's livin' large!
I wish they would have mentioned 'Serenity' in Gina's credits, but I'm thinking this movie will be a good one (at least Chris Rock's 'Everybody Hates Chris' is so brilliant that I'm thinking he'll do well with this movie project too). I want to see all my BDHs become really big stars (THEN we'll get our big successful sequel!).
Should be a high profile movie. Good for her!
"Snakes on Serenity."

This makes me snigger.
Snakes on a Firefly!!
; )

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