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May 15 2006

Nick Brendon's 'Kitchen Confidential' to air in June in the UK. And the good news is that the Paramount Channel will be showing the nine unaired US episodes. (There's also spoilers for next Saturday's BBC episode of Doctor Who on this page btw).

Relevant info:

Ross Proudfoot: "I remember reading last summer that Paramount had the UK rights to show Kitchen Confidential. However, seeing as the show was such a flop in the US do you know if they still plan to show it?"

Neil: They do - in double-bills at 9pm on Thursdays, beginning June 1. This will include the nine episodes (beyond the first four) that were never broadcast by Fox before the axe fell in December.

Funny! Fox makes show, cancels it after 4 episodes, airs on UK TV six months later in full. And repeat!
Lucky UK people. I just hope we get to see all the episodes in the US someday. I really enjoyed the show when it was on.
Well it could end up on iTunes. I think there would be a demand for shows that got cancelled so early.
Whats this show actually about? And is Nick any good in it?
Basically, a formerly 'bad-boy Chef' played by Bradley Cooper tries to straighten himself and his life out by taking a job at a family run restaraunt in New York. NB played one of the kitchen workers (maybe the pastry chef ?) and he was fine in the role which had a bit more of an edge than Xander, him being almost a bully in some scenes, and a bit of dark wit to it (though he didn't feature hugely in the eps. I saw).

I didn't think it was brilliant but it definitely had potential and though the first episode was a bit below par I thought the second was much better and the third was at least OK. By that time though the writing was clearly on the wall with the network eyeing adjacent walls just in case they ran out of room, and shortly after that it was cancelled.
I really liked this show, if you live in Australia (or through the magic of the internet) it's now possible to have seen all but 1 episode. Really is a shame it was cancelled, but if Arrested Development got cancelled, this didn't stand a chance.

Wonder if Paramount will advertise this as much as they did Stacked (every bloody commercial break for about 4 weeks (at least)).
Is the Paramount Channel on Sky? If so, big poo. *sad face* *kicks terrestrial telly*
Yup, not even on Freeview I don't think.
It was cute, but not hysterical. It was improving each episode, IMO. It definitely had it moments and I loved the cast. I hope it makes DVD or iTunes.
Yay, been looking forward to this since Paramount picked it up around July last year.
Glad to see that those who liked the show can finally get to see the unaired eps. Personally, I thought it was dreadful, and as much as I love Nick, as well as Bradley Cooper, just could not bring myself to keep watching. One of the rare cases where I agreed with a FOX cancellation.
I heard that Morena Baccarin had a guest-starring role on this show, but I don't know in which episode.

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