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May 15 2006

Amy Adams to appear in Underdog. "Underdog has found his girl. Amy Adams has joined the movie adaptation of the 'toon series, though what role she's playing is still a little unclear". Amy played Tara's cousin Beth in the Buffy episode "Family".

I've added a little caveat just incase people didn't know who Amy is in relation to the Buffverse.

And according to The Buffy and Angel Trivia Guide:
Amy Adams, who played Tara’s cousin Beth in Family, played Marvel Ann in the movie Psycho Beach Party with Nicholas Brendan and Brenda Strong in Catch Me If You Can with Amy Acker (Fred in Angel). She played Kathryn Merteuil in Cruel Intentions 2, the role played in the movie by Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Very cool, Simon.

And I had no idea that both Amy Adams and (*gasp*) Amy Acker were in 'Catch Me If You Can'! That's the movie with Leo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks in it, yes? I enjoyed it and did not notice either of them.
Is this going to be a live action movie mixed with a cgi Underdog or an animated movie?
My guess is she'll play Polly Purebred, Underdog's girlfriend, no?
She looks like Polly Purebred.
She looks like Polly Purebred.

I suspect very few actresses would like to hear that said about themselves.

(Please, God, don't let this lead to a "But Polly Purebred is hot!" discussion...)

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Okay, they can mess with Scooby Doo. They can muck up Rocky and Bullwinkle. They can even ruin Dudley DoRight. But *Underdog* is SACRED. Have they no shame?!? ;-)

(And Amy Adams DOES look like Polly Purebred. *giggles*)
Its live action mixed with CGI Underdog.
Wow. They'll remake everything now, but why arent they remaking a franchise BUILT on just as many revamps as Madonna: The Chipmunks?

Now, a Chipmunks movie starring a Buffyverse person. That's news.
This movie is currently being filmed in Providence, RI...about 20 minutes from where I live :)

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