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May 15 2006

"Four Kings" Cancelled. NBC announced their 06/07 season today, and Seth Green's Four Kings isn't in it.

Won't really miss this, it wasn't dreadful, but there was nothing particularly good either.

I liked Joey though, end of an era.

Heroes looks promising, and Forrest is in it. Too bad for Seth though.
I liked Kitchen Confidential. It gets cancelled.

I liked Four Kings. It gets cancelled.

I'm on the fence with How I Met Your Mother. It gets a second season.

There's a pattern in there somewhere.
It's disappointing they cancelled Surface, I really enjoyed that show.
Hey NickSeng, do me a favor, can you really really hate Scrubs? I want it to get another season. ;)
war_machine, never fear. SCRUBS is owned by Touchstone (which is owned by Disney, which is the same company as ABC), and Bill Laurence has already been told that if NBC doesn't pick up SCRUBS for next season, ABC definitely will.

I was also a big fan of the KITCHEN. Why the hell does Fox even bother picking up pilots if they're just going to murder them so quickly? Juh-eez.
war_machine, unfortunately, I can't seem to get enough of Scrubs. Luckily, Scrubs is more or less a sure thing for next season, so ... whew. :)
Good news, Scrubs was picked up by NBC for another full season, bad news, yet again we'll have to wait till January. I've liked having at least one episode every week, but don't like 7 Scrubs free months.

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