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May 15 2006

(SPOILER) Tonight on CBS - The 'How I Met Your Mother' season finale. Alyson Hannigan, Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof reunite for the first time since the Angel season four episode "Orpheus". It's quite possibly a must see TV event for Buffyverse fans.

And we welcome you to another Whedonesque episode discussion thread cause it'll be a while till another one comes along. This Fall/Autumn probably.

ETA: The original link for this thread went to Entertainment Weekly's review but I changed it over to iFMagazine's cause it's longer and they're nice people.

A litte side note for U.S. viewers, the President is addressing the nation tonight, so this episode will be pre-empted about twenty minutes to a half hour.
Oh dear lord. I am now thankful for BitTorrent without the US President.
I'm pretty sure us westcoasters are unaffected.

This IS the must see Buffy event since NFA.
Yeah, us westcoasters are unaffected.

But with the 2-hour Grey's finale following the HIMYM finale, I'm leaving class early. Gonna pull the phone from the wall, put my computers in the closet, have a mini-arrangement of snacks and plenty of black cherry soda and CRY LIKE THE GIRL I NEVER WAS.
Damn not even with DVRs can I coordinate myself between Prison Break, 24, WWE Raw, How I Met Your Mother, and Grey's Anatomy. Thank god I didn't have to work tonight.
"I roast a mean weanie" - Best. Alexis. Quote. ever

On second thought, "Don't harsh my melon." can never be topped but it was a nice attempt.
I'm with you, eddy. Except on the WWE Raw business.
Red Lobster! aaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiiiinnnnnggggg

Followed by a Red Lobster commercial...HA!
I LOVE Amy Acker! Awesomeness!!!

(Oh, and the ep was good too...)
OK. I've poopooed this show a couple of times on this site, mostly based on not liking laughtrack shows. I had watched a couple of episodes when I first criticized it. Then I watched another. And another. And each time I liked it a little bit more. And I watched tonight (how could I miss Alexis and Amy?) and I gotta say that was an awesome finale! I wasn't even fully invested in the characters, not having seen most of the season, but the payoffs (happy or sad) really hit home. Great episode.

There are still moments that make me cringe a little, and it's still not a must-see for me, but I do enjoy it more now and catch it when I can. And yes, Alexis' delivery of "I roast a mean weenie" was perfect.
But we already know how it all ends for Ted, so now matter how it ended here, we know how it ends then. Anyone want to take bets on Lilly and Marshall as well? :-)
Zen Master says: it's about the journey, not the destination.
I wish Alexis were gonna stay on the show...he's been hysterical on every ep he's been on. His delivery has been to die for. And didn't Amy look wonderful?

But Marshall and Lilly - nooooooo!

Also, no counting chickens before they hatch: at the beginning of the year the narrator called her "Aunt Robin" to the "kids"...
So now I have missed this one, the West Wing finale (twice) and the Smallville season finale. I'm batting a thousand.

Life is just too busy. (grrrrr)
Aw, completely tragic! Especially since my fiance left for the summer to work across the state and we probably won't see each other until she finishes the job. It was a tough decision for both of us, so the episode struck a bit close to home- as soon as the credits rolled, my cell phone rang and the first words out of her mouth were a teary "I love you, baby!"

But so happy to see Amy Acker again!
Great story, kishi.

Yep, I enjoyed the finale. I liked it when they were crying at Red Lobster but then had to clap for the birthday song. So cute. Poor Lilly and Marshall. I love Jason Segal so much more now that I've watched Freaks and Geeks. He is *almost* as adorable as Aly.

I set my VCR to record, and when hubby turned to 2 and 1/2 men, I freaked when HIMYM was still on. I ran downstairs to push record doing the "la la la" so I wouldn't hear anything. I missed about 5 minutes (which was most of Amy). So who exactly was her character supposed to be? I figured she had lots of sex with Barney (crazy Harold and Kumar thoughts since I saw that right after HIMYM) but didn't catch the rest.
A litte side note for U.S. viewers, the President is addressing the nation tonight, so this episode will be pre-empted about twenty minutes to a half hour.

*sigh*. I wish I could have read that before setting my VCR. (btw, even in Canada we get the "chance" to see your "great" president every time he decides to ruin a tv night)

So, haven't even had a glipse of Amy. *runs off to cry*
Lol j/k but it really sucks.

Just another thing to add the the list of why I hate Bush.
She was a grad student in Native American Studies teaching Ted to rain dance so he could get Robin's camping trip cancelled.
Like the rest of the season, the finale *rocked*. Hi-larious moment with Alexis and his weenie (again, a sentence that sounded better in my head than when I typed it), and great ending of the ep for Barney and Hope for the best for Lily and Marshall, but it should be an interesting story to see unfold next season. Just like it will be interesting to see how it unravels with Robin. ;-)
I'm neither liberal nor conservative, with no aspiration to become either, but I can't help noticing that whenever someone on this site takes a cheap shot at a political figure (see "I hate Bush" above) the target is always conservative. I wonder why. Are the conservatives here (I know from past posts there are at least a few) too polite to take cheap shots or do they just have better manners?

[ edited by jaynelovesvera on 2006-05-16 07:55 ]
And if you want to discuss that, use e-mail, thanks.
Oh, man, I just thought about this. Can you imagine how miserable Marshall's going to be- Lily's gone, Ted'll try to be supportive, but he's got Robin now, and Marshall is working at Barney's law firm. Seems like a fair definition of hell to me.
If this show would dump the laugh track and film it with a single camera, I might be persuaded to tune in more often. I had watched the first couple of episodes and didn't like the show at all but came back for the Alexis episodes and found that something was starting to click (tho'I agree that Alyson and Neil Patrick Harris are really the only ones to watch).
Alexis was just perfect. His character was so smarmy and egocentric and yet he didn't play him as a one note buffoon. He absolutely "pulls off that unique blend of slime and charm".
I now believe Amy can do anything. Producers and casting directors better get crackin' and offer her something. Now.
Did anyone else think Alyson was going to end "Oh lobster, lobster, lobster you are delicious" with 'I love you more than all the other fishes, er, crustaceans'? Just me then? Okey dokey.
In re: laugh track -- there's an interview out there with the show's creators where they say that they film the show, edit it into sequence, and then play it for an audience and record their laughter. The reason why it's not in front of a live audience is that the show's narrative cuts are too frequent for a complete run-through and taping (for example, last night's "pause" sequences).

As to if the laugh track is really live... well, that's between you and your god.

Back to lurking...
Haha, I thought of that too, bloodflowers.

I have to admit, this show has really grown on me since the first part of the season. I'm glad for the Amy and Alexis guest spots, otherwise I probably wouldn't have given it another chance.
Is it still considered a laugh track show when it is shown to a live audience on TVs and they record those laughs. At the Paley Festival in March, Carter and Craig(the creators)said that they film the episodes and get them all ready. After that they bring the finished episodes to a set that is actually filming an episode of a different show and they show it to them...hence the laughing is real and for that show.

So is that still considered a laugh track? I am confused.

MARSHALL AND LILLY!!..........noooooo!! I love you.

I like Ted..not really a fan of Robin. I think Ted deserves better.
How I love this show - the new series can't come soon enough. We asked Amy about it at NFA and she said she didn't think she was very funny in it. Well, it's not as if it was a laugh out loud role anyway - but she was still our cute Amy!

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