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May 15 2006

CBS renews Christian Kane's "Close to Home". Kristin at E! dishes that CBS has renewed Kane's series on CBS.

This is Kristen, so I'll wait for CBS and it's funny cause the producers told Christian the series would not be returning.

But then again the CW is bringing back 7th Heaven, so stranger things have happen.

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Thefutoncritic also have it as a done deal rather than a rumour so it seems to be fact.
Well then they might want to let Christian know, if he is still part of the cast. Since he has 3 movies booked over the next few monthes and a new record contract that might interfere with the show's schedule. Because even though he's lucky to get 30 sec an episode he is number 2 on the call list everyday. However, there was a rumor circulating that they were going to kill his character off, so the show might becoming back but without him in it.
I read in the Entertainment section of Google News from a few links that Close to Home is renewed -- but those other sources might simply have picked up something from Kristin (like bird flu). ;-)
*Someone* gets killed off in the season finale, and Christian's character is one of the three possibilities. (Also listed was the cop who usually works with them and the other ADA. But since CK's character is in the opening credits and is rarely used - while to my knowledge the cop is *not* in the credits and the other ADA is used a lot - I have a bad feeling for poor Jack...)
Well, if Christian is still contracted and they still want him he might have problems with that record deal. I'd say it's highly likely they killed off his character, and he wasn't allowed to tell anybody.
Since the Season Finale is already taped and possibly edited, if his character is the one to go, he must already know that for a while, and just like gossi said, just wasn't allowed to tell anybody.
billz, if I remember right The Futon Critic, posted CBS' Press Release, which included the mention of another 2 renewed shows and a few new shows.
Here is the teaser for the season finale which airs this week.

During the murder investigation, the D.A.'s office learns that the murder victim was an investigative reporter who was writing a story about the dangers of the internet. Annabeth must determine if the victim's story is true, or if it was cover which allowed him to act on his pedophilic behavior. Meanwhile, Annabeth agrees to take a much needed vacation with Jack after he points out that she has been over-worked and distracted lately. However, a tragic death cuts short their romantic get away and will change her life forever.

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