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May 16 2006

Pics of Joss Whedon at last night's Equality Now event. He was a special honoree for "his outstanding contribution to gender equality in film and television". Read the press release if you'd like to know more. And how cool is it to see him and Meryl Streep together?

Getty Images may have bigger pics later on in the day.

And did anyone here go to the event? If so we'd love to read your reports.

These kind of things make me proud to be human.
Thanks for posting the pics. We're all very proud of Joss.
What a fantastic evening that must have been. Congratulations, Joss.
Does this mean Meryl is now in the running to play Wonder Woman?

And yes, of course....way to go Joss!
Curses! I was going to make that joke.

And congratulations!
I think this is so incredibly cool for Joss. It not only raises awareness for his favorite cause, but now a lot more people (who weren't necessarily fans) know of his involvement with this worthy charity, and his real-world contributions to the positive change in attitude towards women around the world.

We already know Joss rocks. How spiffy that we have yet another reason to admire the Man.
MySerenity, tell us all about it!
Congratulations Joss. Well deserved.
The joke might be Meryl as Wonder Woman. But howsabout Meryl cast in another role in the movie? Villain, mentor, etc? That could be very cool indeed. Gal can act a little, you know. Congratulations to Joss for your ongoing efforts on behalf of women in film, you truly do rock.
This kind of thing lifts my heart and my spirits no end. It's wonderful to see the work men do for equality being recognised. This reminds me of a great article I saw a while ago about men marching against rape, there was one in South Africa, and one in the US called walk a mile in her shoes, where the guys walked in high heels - what a fantastic sight that must have been! Excpet for the blisters at the end...Here's the link if anyone wants to see

It seems that this kind of movement is better recognised and more powerful in the US, like Men Can Stop Rape and MASV. So far in the UK I've only heard of the White Ribbon Campaign, which doesn't seem to have the big name backing as this Equaity Now event, or Womens Aid, but this stuff is so so amazing. Keep it up guys!

Hurrah for Joss and Equality Now!
My brother was very active in NOW back in the 70's. Unfortunately in those days it was felt that it was important to make it clear that women could and were running the organization and the movement. He got caught in that whole thing and had to stop being active in the organization in the way he had been.

Although I understand why that may have been the right thing to do in that organization at that time, I'm really glad to see men being encouraged to participate in organizations that work for the welfare and equality of women as well as working for their goals.

Good for Equality Now. Congratulations Joss.

(I really wanted to go to this, but life soooo gets in the way.)
m'cookies, it was incredible--that's the only way I can describe it. At one point, I was less than 10 ft from Joss and I was too shell-shocked to say hi! The jazz music was wonderful, the actors reading the testimonies were heart-breaking and power.

But Joss was the show-stopper of course. His section began with Mammie Gummer introducing Joss as the creator of Buffy and then there was a set of clips of Buffy and all of the other strong women characters Joss created. It started with the scene from Becomming pt 2 ("take that away and what's left?" "me"), had Wash's humorous "have you ever been with a warrior woman?" along with Xander's WWBD? speech, clips from The Gift and Chosen, and of course River (especially her Reaver-slaying scene). After that Meryl came out and gave an introduction to Joss. Once he came out it was just magic--I wish I had it on tape. He talked about the question "why do you create such strong female characters?" that he is asked during almost every interview and he wrote his speech in such a way where he would imitate a reporter asking the same question over and over (in different accents) and then would give a different response each time. He began talking about his mother (whom they paid a small tribute to), about his father and step-father and how they inspired him to create characters like Xander who were not only open to the idea of these women, but who embraced and were attracted to them, about how equality is like gravity which keeps us grounded, and how equality needs to be a reality and not an ideal concept. He expressed his shock that people would be dumb enough to ask him why he would create strong female characters instead of asking "100 other guys why they dont'"The most power thing he said was in response to that question was "because you keep asking." And because the concept of strong women shouldn't be rare or unheard of. It's what our society desperetely need more of.

I only wish that this event could have been televised so that more people could have experienced the power in hearing what these men and women are trying so hard to accomplish. I was brought to heavy, embarrassing tears near the very end hearing about Dr. Shazia and Amanullah Khalid (read about here: because while I had read that article several times before, hearing about the secluded lifestyle they were forced into as well as the continuous pressure from their government and constant threats to their lives was almost too much to handle.

The message that this show provided last night traced back to the very basic idea as to which Joss' work is based. I only wish you all could have been there (or at least have access to a transcript). I encourage you to visit Equality Now's website when you have a chance. They cannot progress without our help.
Thanks, MySerenity - I really wish I could have been there.
Congrats to Joss. Wish I could have gone.
Thanks, MySerenity.

Although now I'm even more depressed I wasn't able to go. :-)
Thanks for posting that MySerenity... I was there as well, but, was having some difficulty putting the experience into words.

I had thought it'd be a little jarring to sit and enjoy music and have it interspersed with these stories from around the world of the awful things that women go through, but, since they were also stories of people standing up to the horrors, ultimately it was uplifting.

I did actually get to meet Joss briefly! I do a fundraiser where I collect celebrity autographs on little tags that I attach to breast cancer bears and auction off. When I can, I also take a picture of the celebrity with a bear. A friend of mine had gotten Joss to participate last year (coincidentally, at another event at Symphony Space) and, when I bought the ticket, I was also hoping that we might get him to do it again this year.

When I got to the event, my friend told me that she'd already seen and spoken to Joss and that he was very amenable to signing again and taking another photo... and, sure enough, as soon as we went in, there he was.

I *think* I introduced myself (I was a little star-struck, so, I don't remember it all very clearly ;))... I know I shook his hand and congratulated him on his work with Equality Now... he was incredibly nice and congratulated me on *my* project as well and signed a tag for me and took another picture with the bear. Definitely a highlight for me. :)
Thanks for the reports MySerenity and lisaspo. I'm thrilled for Joss and everyone else who was at it.
lisaspo, I'm not entirely clear on Whedonesque's policy on auction stuff, but I think if it's for charity they allow it.. So if you put that bear up, I'm sure people would bid for it.

'cause, you know, I buy bears every day. My house is full of them. They're wicked gay.

And I never steal jokes.

Edit: yet again I get somebodies name wrong today.

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Ah, many thanks for the reports, MySerenity and lisaspo! Well done!
*laugh* Yeah, I figured as I got closer to actually launching the auctions, I'd email an admin to see if it was okay to post something. There was actually a thread last month about the project that someone else I didn't even know posted (which was a hugely gratifying surprise for me as usually I'm sending tons of emails and asking all sorts of sites to *let* me post).

I've also got a bunch of other Whedonverse folks participating, but, didn't want to threadjack this thread with too much info. :)
Joining the thanks to MySerenity and lisaspo for their reports, and good luck to lisaspo for her charity auction! And, just amazing, Joss! You *rock*, sir! ;-)

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