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May 16 2006

It's David Boreanaz's birthday and has a Q&A with him to mark the occasion.

Happy birthday you big black-clad hunk of a night thing!
Happy birthday David!
Many happy returns, and many more.
Heh, he doesn't like surprise parties...maybe he remember's Buffy's from Season 2!

And from the article: TV's sexiest bloodsucker

Eh, I know a few women who'd take issue with that!
Oh, and, David, the happiest of birthdays!
What a coincidence - the DVD of his film "These Girls" was released today in Canada as well. My copy just came in the mail.

The deleted scenes should be interesting!
Happy Birthday David :)

*note to self, order "These Girls" via brother in Canada
TV's sexiest vampire? Absolutely!
Happy Birthday David!
Re: "sexiest vampire", I was thinking along the lines of how some woman friends (including my wife) kind of find Spike a tad sexier than Angel/Angelus...butI can chime in with:

Anybody ever hear of Darla?

Now *there* was a sexy vampire!
Have you also heard of VampWillow? She defined sexiness.
I love that he's quoted as 'still having a lot to learn'. Anybody's who watched him in the Jossverse knows he does learn and just gets better.

Happy Birthday, DB!
I don't think I knew I shared a birthday with him.

I'm such a fangirl to find that neat.
Happy Birthday David! You big hunk of yummy man! I would pay money just to sit and watch you smile! My fav episodes of Angel (which I'm currently rewatching from the beginning) are when you smile or dance or bask in the sunlight or...ok...I just love 'em all. You Rock!
Happy Birthday, David. Rock on!
*sigh* Happy Birthday you gorgeous, gorgeous man!!

If anyone can tell me when These Girls will be released in the UK I will love and adore them forever!! can't find any info anywhere, I know its available in the USA now and I've got my fingers crossed we'll have it before long, Please help me, I'm desperate!!
I'm loving that DB's career is coming along so well, he's such a honey. I like hearing him talk about being a Dad. You can just feel the love and pride radiating from him. I hope he had a wonderful, and very predictable, birthday.

But I tend to agree with Chris inVirginia's wife, as yummy as Angel is, Spike will always be my "sexiest vampire".
But I tend to agree with Chris inVirginia's wife, as yummy as Angel is, Spike will always be my "sexiest vampire".

My sexiest vampire is Darla ;). Though I did have a huge crush on Dru at one stage.
TV's sexiest bloodsucker.

A-men to that! And happy birthday to David! Yum. Love seeing him in major publications like People. *swoon*
In an interview once, James Marsters listed one of Spike's vampire powers as "the big sexy." Then he said that Angel had "the bigger sexy." Heh. I have to agree with JM on this one. :)
Well DB and JM are almost equally sexy to me, JM just wins it.

But sexiest vampire? Well they were all pretty sexy in their own ways. Spike is my personal favourite in the sexy stakes (pardon the pun) and Angelus is right behind him (I didn't mean that as it sounds, but that works too.) Then I'd say Darla, then Angel.
Spike is my favorite but Angel/Angelus isn't far behind (don't go there, Spangels).

Darla is my favorite female vamp and in my fanwank, she and Spike got it on when Dru and Angelus were being difficult.
Happy Birthday, David!! Glad I get to see him on my TV every week.
Happy birthday, David. And to me you win the sexiest bloodsucker award every day. But JM can certainly sing better and is a way sexy man also. I notice that in this interview they say DB is 37 and he goes with it. On so many sites they list him as being 35 and I've wondered which was correct. I guess its 37.
Happy birthday, Mr. Boreanaz, continued success with Bones and movies, and many happy returns of your special day! :-)
The article said Angel is sexier. Why try to argue the truth? And of all places, not DB's birthday thread. Give the guy his credit without bringing Spike into it.

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