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May 16 2006

Teaser trailer for 'Forgotten Memories' - a Buffy season 8 fan film. We seem to be in a golden age of Whedonverse fan films and this particular one looks rather promising. You can find out more out more by going to the film's website.

Nixygirl gave me the heads up about this one. According to her:

1) The full length episode will be out in around 6 weeks time.

2) Joss apparently saw the script "Thank God somebody else got to write season 8". Jonathan Woodward (for it is he) is also quoted as saying "It's better than anything Joss's ever done, that's for sure".

3) The person behind the fan film is only 17 and wrote, produced, cast and starred in it (as Buffy I think).

4) RD Price who worked on Buffy gave her some tips on the script as well.

Anyhow, I think it's a great achievement. I always admire some one who has the balls to do something like this. Hopefully it will encourage other fans to do the same. I, myself, am available to play the third demon on the left.

The thing I noticed most was the lighting. They got the whole "season one" darkish thing down to a tee. The Spike guy looked pretty dang cool, too. Good on them.
Check out some of the pics at their homepage.

They sure picked someone short to play Angel(at least, I think that's supposed to be Angel). He's standing on a phone book in a pic with the guy who's playing Spike. :D
Any non-Youtube links for the trailer? About half the time, these Youtube videos have the sound horribly out of sync with the video (I tested it on different machines). Very impressive work, from what I saw; looking forward to the full episode, and hopefully there will be a subsequent "making of" documentary. I'm sure the creators have a lot of fun stories.
Never had any problems with YouTube myself. It uses Flash, so might be worth upgrading it.

Also, good stuff.
Looks good to me!
Hey, pretty damn good. I can't wait for the full length picture.
Aww, sweet stuff! My only crit is that apart from Buffy and Spike and Angel I can't quite figure who's playing who exactly. Is the bloke with the punching bag meant to be Giles?

That and isn't their Angel 'wee'! Makes a change to see a huge Spike with a tiny Angel!

So cute!
It'll be up on Google Video in a day or two, I'll also have 2 further teasers up online by the weekend. Emma has done a fantastic job on this, the crew are professionals, with many main stream films under their belt. I'll have more info for you tomorrow, it's a bit late right now. Emma's told me over and over all the movies the crew had worked on, but you know me, in one ear out the other.

The 43 minute episode itself is in the finishing touches of editing, and special effects.

I also agree the Angel is a tad on the shortish, only made worse so by the fact that Jeremy (Spike) is about six and a half feet!

Jewel Staite has written a quote for the DVD, and was pretty impressed with it also. Other Buffy allumni who have seen the script are Anthony Stewert Head, James Masters, and (I think) Emma Caulfield.

This is a complettely original script written by Emma, who yes, does play Buffy. Any of you who ever listened to our Josscentricality podcast, Emma was one of the presenters.

As to the who's who, I think there is more info on the website, but we have a Willow, Kennedy, Xander (with the eye patch), a few new slayers, and Giles (although sans glasses for the credits).
Anymore info, just ask!
Just a quick add. You can directly download the teaser from here. This is only from sendspace, and I don't know how many times it can be downloaded for, before it stops.
Thanks for that link. I normally can't stand trying to watch vids on youtube as the the players never quite work for meas the versions you can download.

I look forward to seeing the finished vid.
Looks like fun, although I wish someone would finance these poor buggers a hosted domain. Popunders are the ultimate evil, beyond vampires and demons!
Wow, this looks like it might well be impressive. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm NOT a fanfic person as a rule. Is Jonathan M. Woodward serious about the "Better than anything Joss has ever done" thing, or just being...Jonathan Woodward? Besides, he doesn't know who Tom Lenk was, right, as per the "CWDP" commentary :P (He also rocks, natch.)

I'm 19. If this 17-year-old has written, produced and starred in a full-length episode, then I can't use my age as an excuse for not writing anything cool ;)
Joining, however unexpectedly, in the kudos to writers, producers, actors, and tech folk.

Making a decent movie looks really hard, and I recently found out how much harder it actually is than it looks. This was extremely well done.
More love for the Spike-alike! Looking forward to the first episode.
Wow, the Spike-look alike is rather . . . well, Spikey. And tall. VERY tall. Amusing because the Angel is very WEE and Latino.

And POINTS because all the Slayers are NORMAL girls. They're curvy and chubby. Yay!

So, they're making a DVD? I'd be intrested seeing that because I have damned slow dialup.
Pretty creative and cool although I'll admit, I hear that song and I'm immediately looking for SMG, ASH, NB, CC, DB and AH.
I guess this puts to rest the idea that maybe I could have watched the series with all the characters recast. Couldn't do it.
Really cute idea though. Loved the Spike and Dru characters. They really resembled the original characters.

SMG was curvy in season 1 and there was nothing bad about that.
Whoa, a lot of creativity and work! Good job, yo! :-)
Hey guys,
I'm Emma and This is my 'baby'. I wrote and produced "Forgotten Memories" oh...and I also play buffy!!! Forgotten Memories was Directed by Darren K. Hawkins... an amazing director...without him, none of this could have been done!
Its wonderful to hear everyones comments on the trailer... The second trailer (all about the slayers) should be up soemtime today and the 3rd teaser (about the couples) should be up by the end of the week.
if you have any questions/queries...just email me or post here


p.s. thankyou to Nixygirl for putting this up on youtube and everything..I'm computer illiterate!

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Congrats and looking forward to seeing Season 8! : )

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