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May 16 2006

NBC Fall Schedule announcements. David Greenwalt's show "Kidnapped" gets a pickup (he's an EP), as does "Heroes", featuring Leonard Roberts (Riley's buddy Forrest) among others.

Scroll all the way down for show descriptions and cast & crew news.

Oddly enough, yesterday my mom and I were walking past Radio City Music Hall (killing time before the Equality Now Event) and we saw a group of people in the entrace. Being the shallow-celebrity-stalkers we always wanted to be, we went across the street--therefore stumbling into the red carpet where NBC had the casts for all fall 2006 shows come and do a press conference. Saw lots of people, but I didn't see Leonard Roberts...wonder if he was there.
One of Joss's triple threats, Carlos Jacott, will once again have a series on air - "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". Yay Carlos!

(I'd still rather see him in another Joss series, though...)

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