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May 16 2006

Study Buffy at university. The 'first UK course of its kind' offers a chance to study the Buffster!

This was under the 'weird' section of the Metro today. I'm sure many of our noted scholars would take issue with that. Here's the Brunel course description:

University studies get more and more interesting all the time, don't they? Wish they had this course over my way.
Um, Mom and Dad, I know you've had your heart set on me going to medical school but I've got some big news....I've changed my major...ummm...
Cult Television
Focusing on contexts, genres and consumption of 'Cult Television' - institutional contexts, authorship, narrative, audience/fandom, style/aesthetics. Case studies include Dr Who, The Prisoner, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The League of Gentlemen.

Fascinating. But it's a Master's degree, alexreager, so you can lull the folks with a pre-med course first....
Gill, I read that as "Marster's Degree" -- go figure.
There is similar class at my uni - Royal Holloway in Egham. At least there was a few years back when I was there. Not an MA though, just part of the Media Arts degree.

Interesting though. Maybe I could get a second MA...
April if it was a Marsters' degree I'd be signing up like a shot. Even if it is a hundred-mile commute each way!
Case studies of Buffy AND The League of Gentlemen. Once I've done my degree, I am so there.
The first UK course of its kind but not the first ever, right? I wonder what does the man himself think about this, being academically deconstructed I mean. Can anyone shed any light on past discussions on this topic? Thanks.
Students will get the chance to meet cult filmmakers and industry practitioners to get a better understanding of the genre.

Do ya think Joss would be up for this?? Patrick MacGoohan (sp?)? I'll move back to London!! (J/K) But what fun! But we've been having university-level Buffy classes in the U.S. since, well, while the show was still airing original episodes. Check out the Slayage website for just one example. . . . But I bet most of you knew that. Going to bed now.
Minuette there are several courses I've seen mentioned in the US, but I can only find this one right now. If I could do the fancy link thing this would look much neater: Fancy link thing

ETA: Thanks to the mod who made me look all fancy!

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Buffy is taught all the time in all kinds of courses--media studies, English, philosophy, etc. There are a couple of "Whedonverse across the Curriculum" panels at the upcoming Slayage conference.

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