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May 16 2006

David Boreanaz on The View - Wednesday May 17th. He will appear on The View (ABC's morning talk show) sitting with those ladies on the couch.

Yeah. Well. Have fun with that.
Also Jean Smart of "24" will be on the same show. David Fury is doing good things for that show, getting it's best ratings ever.

Way to go First Lady Mrs."quickdraw" Logan!
Man, David must be trying to get over his fear of chickens going into a henhouse like that. I think he may be more afraid of them after the show.
RavenU brings the lolz.
My TiVo tells me he'll also be on the Tony Danza show on Thursday.
It'll be promo work for the Bones finale, I presume.
Either that gossi or it's for the Farm Sanctuary Gala this weekend in New York.
Time to set my DVR....yummy David goodness. Thanks!
Oh my god. They are going to eat him alive.

It was nice knowing you David.

I can't stand this show - they all try to talk at once. And I think I'm their target audience - middle-aged (whatever that is) women. But if I tape it, I can just watch the part with DB. I think he was on Ellen recently, but I missed it if he was. That show is much better than the View, or at least it was the couple of times I've seen it. This Bones finale tomorrow night looks really good. Not Angel good perhaps, but still plenty of salty goodness!
Oh poo. I missed it. You could say I'm a little bit of a David fan :)
I thought he did a great job, he was funny and charming, and avoided getting into any 'hot topics'. I bet he'll be invited back again.

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